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Hi everyone!

Seems to be hard to keep up with the blog and all of your lovely blogs, with so much else going on right now. Since I happened to find some spare time, I thought I would do a small update about what has been going on lately.

M and I have been keeping seeing each other, and since a few weeks we’re officially a couple. He is absolutely wonderful and treats me like a princess. I couldn’t be happier than I am with him, and I would lie if I say he don’t take most of my time, either seeing him or thinking about him.

Me and my sister went to London for the weekend and got home this Tuesday. It was a lovely trip, and we did a whole lot of shopping! I won’t say I’ll do a post of everything, since I know I might not have the time to keep that as a promise. But perhaps you’ll see some of it in upcoming outfit posts. I still wish to keep the blog going even though I know it will be hard to find the time for it for at least a couple of weeks more. This time we decided to go to  Notting Hill and Portobello Road Market. We ended up going there one time on the market and two more times just because we loved the surroundings. Otherwise we spent most of the time on Oxford Street. This was our fourth time to London, so we’ve seen most of the tourist attractions before, so I wouldn’t say it’s a waste to just go shopping. I had planed to show some pictures from the trip, but I can’t find the cable to my camera at the moment.

We have had quite a lot to do at work lately, and I’ve been working a lot more than my contract tells me to. So, we shouldn’t just blame M for my absence here. Six working days a week isn’t uncommon and the shifts has been quite long. I’ve been quite tired, but I always get happy when the pay check arrives and I see that all the work pays off. Right now I’m having a week’s vacation though, which I started off with the London trip.

On Saturday it’s time for my friend’s wedding, which I’m really looking forward to. Got some nice dresses in London, and I can’t wait to wear one of them then. It will also be great to meet all of our friends and celebrate the happy day with C and C.

On Monday I go back to work for two days, then on Wednesday M is taking me to Prague for a few days. I was just supposed to have one day off next week, but when my boss found out M is having his vacation then she was kind enough to rearrange our schedule, so I got three days off instead. M got really happy when I told him and booked us a trip. Really excited about that! I have never been there before, but heard that it’s a beautiful town!

Hope everything is well with you all too, and that I get the chance to catch up with everyone soon. Until then, Lots of Love!

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  1. Oh Anna I am thrilled you’re having a wonderful time and I just came back from Prague and its wonderful (intact I’m about to put photos up on my blog this week regarding that trip if you want to see them!). I can safely say I missed your presence on your blog/social media FAR too much haha!

    Have fun and keep me updated! I want pleeeenty of photos young lady!


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