Launching Beauty By Anna S

Hi there!

Today it was finally time for my exam and it went great! Couldn’t have hoped for a better result! So excited to start working with this.

As I mentioned in my last post I’ve been working on an Instagram account for my lashes and makeup work, and to celebrate the launch I’m throwing a giveaway for you all!

Welcome to join me at Beauty by Anna S


Join this giveaway for your chance to win:

Makeup Revolution – Day to Night palette
Makeup Revolution – Lip Geek Barbie is Jealous
Peggy Sage – Lip pen Petal 

(Teddy bear is not included, he just offered to help holding the palette)

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Pst! I think Teddy has another surprise over at Instagram. Check it out! 

Get ready for launch party!

Hi everyone,

As I wrote in my last blog post I’ve been working on something in secret for a while. It’s now time to reveal my secret.

I’ve decided to leave my job in the lingerie store. I will be working there for three more weeks, but then it’s time for me to move on. I’ve gotten an opportunity to borrow a salon, which I will be looking at next week, where I’ll be able to work with eyelash extensions in the weekends. I will also be getting a makeup room in our new apartment where I will be able to do lash extension as well as working with makeup.

Since I will be spending a lot of time doing what I love, I’ve decided to create a beauty inspired Instagram account to show my work. The blog will stay the way it is, with a mix of beauty, lifestyle, travel and fashion and you will be able to follow my blog Instagram and Twitter as well, but the new account will be beauty only as a part of my new job.

At the day of my exam to become a lash stylist, 22 April, I will launch the account name and throw a giveaway to celebrate with you all!

Hoping you will join me on this new adventure!


I’m back!

Hi everyone!

Long time no see. It’s crazy how time just flies by, especially when there’s so much going on. I’ve really been missing blogging, but there really hasn’t been time. Can’t wait to get to our new place where I’ll have one steady point to work from. And to get more time on my hands. Lately most of the time I don’t work has been used for school and homework, planning and packing for the new apartment (which there will be loads of for about a month more, before that changes to painting and unpacking) and trying to find valuable time to just relax a bit. Oh, and a short trip to Berlin since both me and Martin felt like we needed to get away for a few days.

So, what’s new since my last update?

I’m done with the makeup class and can officially call myself a certified makeup specialist. I loved every single minute of the education and felt like I want to learn more. Therefor I decided to take the school’s Lash stylist class as well. Starting tomorrow I will be doing that for a few weeks. Exam 22 April!

The fashion show, where I will be helping with the makeup, is getting closer. Next week it’s time to do what I’ve been dreaming about for a long time. I’m so excited to get out and experience what’s going on behind the scenes of a fashion show.

It’s just about a month till we get our new apartment. We’ve been starting selling off furniture we don’t need, or want, and started looking for what we want to buy instead. Barely just colours and wallpapers left to decide on. And small decorations of course, but that is the last part when everything else is in place.

We took a short trip to Berlin. Me and Martin got to spend some time together without the stress of seeing things around us that we “have” to do. We spent a lot of time walking and shopping and we both really liked the city. And a big win for me was that Martin really liked Primark, and even suggested a second visit!

Last of all I’ve been working “secretly” on something that will be connected to the blog in  a while. There will be a release of it as I take my exam as a lash stylist, and there will be a surprise along with it, so keep your eyes open! More information will follow!

Today was a long post, with loads of text. This seems to be what always happens when I’m off for a while. I hope that I’ll be able to be more active, even though I know time will be hard to find as I start school again and the house move is getting closer. Keep in touch though, I’m not gone and as soon as everything is back on track I promise you’ll see more of me. A lot more of me!

Lots  of love for now!


Life lately

Hi there

It sure has been a few crazy weeks since my last post. Great, but intense!

I’m back at work again, and it feels better than I expected. I feel stronger than I did before Christmas, and I try to keep my therapist’s words sin mind. Sometimes it helps, some times it doesn’t. Speaking of therapistis I got a new one during the time I’ve been gone from here. Someone that has time to give me an appointment once a week for ten weeks, and that will try cognitive behavioral therapy to change my way to think and act if I’m getting a panic attack.

The next big thing that happened is that me and Martin found our dream apartment. Both of us felt like this was the best we could ever get, and placed a high bid right away. We thought the apartment was ours several times, but one other potential buyer placed last minute bids every time we thought it was over. In the end they bid our absolute maximum and we thought it was lost forever. We told the estate agent and seller that we had reached our max and that we couldn’t bid higher than the other couple, but that we could place the same bid. It didn’t take long before we got the call saying the seller wants us to have it. 30 minutes after I got of work we met the seller and signed the papers. By the end of April me and Martin will officially be living together in our dream home.

As if this wasn’t enough to keep a girl’s head busy, I’ve also started school. I really love it! All I hoped for and more than that. We’ve already been through the first two weeks, so in four more I’ll be able to call myself a makeup specialist. We’ve already been asked to help the hairdressing students at school to do the makeup for a photoshoot they’re having soon.

Oh yeah, I also got booked to do the makeup at a fashion show in March! That is really a dream coming true. I loved watching Top Model a few years back, and I always wanted to experience a fashion show but never wanted to walk the catwalk. Now I’ll get the chance to experience it all in a way that suits me.

I think that covers about everything that has been going on the past few weeks. What have you guys been up to lately?




Gain power from the anger

Hi there,

I wasn’t planning on posting anything today, but right now I just feel like I need to write. That’s what you have a blog for, right?

As you may know I’ve been going through a rough time lately. Without getting too much into details, I got overloaded with stress and things happening around me where I felt like I wasn’t treated in a fair way. I got two panic attacks before Christmas and decided it was time to get help. I felt like I needed someone to talk to, to help me clean up my mind a bit. I got in contact with a doctor that put me on the sick list for three weeks and during the time I was supposed to find someone to talk to. Problem was – everything was closed or they had a waiting time for 3-4 months. I was getting even worse, since calling one place after another saying “I need help” and get rejected every time, that takes a lot of energy. My mother stepped in and started to do the calls for me, as I felt like I couldn’t handle another rejection. It took her days, but today I finally got an appointment. That leads us to where I really want  to go with this post.

I started talking, and for every situation I told her about she asked “How did you feel then?” and the answer usually was “Well, I got mad”. After repeating these two sentences several times she said:

“It sounds like you have a lot of anger, with every right. How do you turn out when you get mad?”

“I don’t. I don’t know how to act when I’m mad. I usually starts to cry instead.”

“Anger is a strong force. You have to allow yourself to be mad, because you have every right to be after all you’ve been through. Use the force to drive you forward, instead of letting it work against you and bring you down.”

Before I walked into that room, I thought I was just a wreak. That I was just feeling sad and had started to get anxiety again. Anger to me is a new feeling, that I’ve never really been feeling before, and that I don’t really know how to handle. But I knew for sure this wasn’t like it was ages ago when I was having panic attacks on a daily basis. This is different in so many ways, I just couldn’t pin point it. After this meeting today I know I will have to work with it differently, but the way is long because this is all new. I guess what I want with this post is to share her words and the way I need to rethink a whole lot of things now.

If you’re treated badly, or have any other reason to be mad, use it to gain power instead of letting it bring you down!

Gift Card Shopping

Hi everyone!
For my birthday and Christmas I got gift cards at my favorite makeup store from Martin’s parents. Since I was forbidden to buy more makeup between my birthday and Christmas, I saved them both to spend during the sales, and that was a great move! During two days after Christmas they had 20% off ALL makeup! I decided to order online, since they had more brands there in the stores I had time to visit. Since I got quite a lot of makeup for Christmas, and will be getting a whole lot in my “school bag” in just a few weeks, I wanted to go for some high end brands instead of s big quantity for the money. The parcel arrived with the mail today!

Kicks Januari

Just have a look at all the goodies above, before we move on to the close ups!

Mac Powder

First out is a translucent Prep+Prime powder from Mac. I haven’t tried any products from Mac yet, since they are quite expensive here, and I really needed a new powder. This had gotten good reviews on the store’s page, so I decided to try it out.


Mac Vanilla Sketch Velvet

Of course I also had to try out their eyeshadows. If I like them I will buy more next time I go to USA. Major difference in price! I got them in the colours Skecth Velvet and Vanilla. I wanted to go for one basic, and one coloured. I had a really hard time deciding on the colour, so I actually thought I had ordered another one, but Sketch Velvet does look really nice so I’m not at all disappointed with this one.

Smashbox Prism

Another brand I’ve been eager to try is Smashbox. Here I went for a highlighter in the colour Prism. It’s a very light pink, but very pigmented, so I think it would do good as a summer blush too, for a very light and fresh look.


Michael Kors Bronzer



Last, but not least, I went for the Michael Kors Bronzer in Glow. My sister had wished for this one for Christmas, and got it from our mother. As soon as I saw it I realized I needed to have it as well. It doesn’t only look beautiful, it smells fantastic too. Pure luxury!

Have you tried any of these products? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Makeup Revolution – Pink and brown

Hi there!

Since I’ve been having trouble with my eyes and eyelids for a couple of days I haven’t had the chance to try out all the makeup I got from Makeup Revolution the other day. But yesterday everything seemed fine, so today I was ready to give it a go. I’ve used eye shadows from the Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection, and was really happy with how they came out. The pigment was good, and they were easy to build up and blend. The lipstick is also from Makeup Revolution and is Liphug in colour She’s up all night. The lipstick also has great pigment and is easy to apply. I think it lasts good for a £2.50 lipstick, so I will definitely be buying more of these in the future.

Before I started I had decided for a neutral look, with matte brown shadows, since I was just staying at home. When I picked up my palette that was an impossible mission though. There were so many fun colours, and I just wanted to play around. I ended up with something in between and went for brown and pink.


BeFunky_IMG_2095.jpg Makeup Revolution look 1.2


I know these pictures are far from the best out there, and I’m really struggling to catch the eye makeup on photo. The colours just won’t come to it’s right. I truly hope they will help us with this in school since a lot of our work will be done at home and photographed to show the teachers. If you have any good tips and tricks how practice until then, please let me know!

Other products used in this makeup look:

Nyx – Pore Filler
Maybelline – Fit Me! Foundation
Collection – Lasting Perfection Concealer
2true – Stay Matte Pressed Powder and Blusher no. 2
Catrice Cosmetics – Sunglow Matte Bronzing Powder
Primark – Sweet Like Chocolate Eye Liner
MUA – Eyebrow Kit
Kicks – Single Espresso Kohl Liner
Dior – Diorshow Mascara
L’oréal – False Lash Architect Mascara

What are your experiences with Makeup Revolution’s products? And don’t forget the tips and tricks of photographing makeup! 

Locobase Repair

Hi there,It’s time for you all to meet my life savioir – Locobase Repair. In the winter I get really troubled by dry skin around my eyes. It gets red, itches, and cracks. Not a pleasant feeling I must say. I decided to go to the pharmacy and ask for help, and was recommended Locobase Repair. How happy was I, since this is the only thing I use for my hands? I don’t think that I’ve mentioned that I get quite bad eczema in my hands from time to time. When it occurs I can have issues for months, and then I can be without any trouble for years. I usually needs to use cortisone for a while, but always switch back to Repair as it’s getting better. And now I found out it works for the eyes as well! And it really does. A few days without makeup, using this cream morning and night, and the troubles are gone.

Locobase Repair is a special cream for really dry skin that has skin identical fats which allows it to work really deep to the skin, and not just on the surface. It’s free from perfume, parabens and colouring substance. Because of this it’s perfectly fine, from recommendations by the pharmacist, to use in the face and around the eyes. It works for 24 hours from application, so you really just need to use it once a day, but if you want to apply it more that’s not a problem. I, for example, usually reapplies on my hands after washing them to really keep them hydrated. For the eyes, as I said, like to apply morning and night after washing my eyes with warm water on cotton pads. Since the cream is really fat it might get a bit sticky and not meant to be used on the whole body at once, but just for extra troubled areas.

If you’re troubled with really dry skin, I would definitely recommend to give this product a go.

oLocobase Repair


Have you tried Locobase Repair, or do you have another go to product this time of year?
I would love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

New Year – New Blog

Hey guys!

I’ve been considering getting my own domain for a while now, and as I decided to make the move, I also decided to switch platform for my blog. I used to work in WordPress when I had my old blog for crafting projects, and I liked WordPress more than I’ve done with blogger, so why not do it all at once? All old blogposts are imported to this blog, so feel free to browse.

A downside with the switch is that I lose my Bloglovin followers, so I would love it if you followed me here from now on.

I hope you will join me for the new part of my journey!

Makeup Revolution – Haul

Good evening!

Today was a good day. It was time for the arrival of my first order from Makeup Revolution. I didn’t think the order would be shipped until today, so I’m very happy with the fast delivery I got. I made the order with my sister, so even though I had the package in my hand to wait for her arrival to open it. But OH, the goodies we found when we opened it up! It was like Christmas all over again. Of course, I just HAVE to show you what I got. (My sisters things are not included)

Just look at this picture for a while. It still feels like I’m dreaming… Okay, let’s move on to the more detailed pictures! 
That little black box, with the big heart, on the top picture, that my friends, was a lovely gift from Makeup Revolution. If you ordered for over £25 it was included for free, along with a liquid blush and three lipglosses. Of course we split the gifts up, and I got the I heart Passion palette and a lipgloss that will be shown further down.


After reading so many great reviews I had to try some of the lipsticks. From left to right;
Lipgeek – Totaly NOT boring (I just had to have it because of the name)
Lipgeek – Barbie is Jealous
Lipstick – Cheer
Liphug – She’s up all night

 Swatches? Of course, here you go! From left to right, the same as above.

The lipgloss on the top is in colour Move A Little Closer. Just under it you find the Amazing Inner Eye Brighter in Nude. To the bottom left we have the Awesome Metal Foil Finish in Pure Platinum. And in the left corner we have Vivid Blush Lacquer in Desire. 

Last, but definitely not least, I decided to pick up the Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection with shades. There happened to be a price reduction, and I just find this palette perfect for a makeup specialist to be, that needs colours to practice! 
I am more than happy with everything that I got, and just can’t wait to get started with the work whit these. 
Have you tried Makeup Revolution yet? Any of these products? Any other favorites to recommend? 
I would love to hear your thoughts!