Blog night

Hi everyone!

I’m so happy to see some activity on this blog. I find new comments every now and then, and it’s so exciting to see that readers from all over the world is starting to pop up. Even if just for a short one time visit. I really appreciate that you take the time to stop by.

I’m from Sweden so obviously most of my interaction on social media is in Swedish. Since I would love to meet you all on other platforms as well I’ve opened up a Twitter account and an Instagram account connected to this blog. If you wish, I would love to hear from you there.

Twitter: lifeof_annas
Instagram: lifeofannas

Now I’ll take some time to edit photos and prepare some scheduled February favorites posts for this week. Tomorrow will bring work, and another work meeting in the evening. It sure gets a lot of those now. Feels like I have a new meeting to go to every time I post something on here.

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