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Hey guys!

If you’ve read my latest posts you know I’ve been crazy busy the past weeks, and it will be so for at least this week too. This week we have 20% off on everything in the store, so we have loads to do. Today is my only day off this week, and I was lucky enough to get to spend it with my very close friend that is moving to Greece next week. Monday was the day of an important football game at our home arena, and last night the whole family went to an instruction evening to get to practice driving at home. That being said, there are plenty of reasons why I’m a day late with this weeks Bloggers Do It Better post.

The topic this time was Bargains, and for me this was an easy one. The past few weeks I’ve been saving a lot of money. All because of my smoothie mixer. I used to spend loads on buying smoothies at my favorite place at the shopping center, but the mixer here has already saved up for itself (well, I didn’t pay for it myself but if I would have, the money would be saved by now). Not to mention all the variety I get now! I used to be stuck with my favorite mango smoothie, but now I’ve been experimenting with lots of different tastes. Also, it’s perfect for making soups for lunch, making me save even more money!

For soup I love using broccoli and cauliflower, just adding some salt and pepper. Maybe some herbs for an extra touch. Was told to use some lime or lemon, so I might try that next time.

For breakfast as a fresh start of the day I love a carrot smoothie with some orange and ginger.

Since I often work long days I try to bring a second smoothie to work. That one is usually a bit fruitier. A favorite is banana, raspberries and vanilla yogurt. If I work closing shift I like to ad an egg to stay full a bit longer.

Hope you got some inspiration from this post. If so, feel free to follow me on Bloglovin and Twitter. Hopefully I’ll be able to go back to my normal Blogging routine soon. Miss you all!

24 thoughts on “Bloggers Do It Better

    • When I think about it, it’s crazy how much money I’ve spent on eating out at work because it’s convenient. Could do a lot more fun with that 😉 xx

  1. I’ve just got into make smoothies too, such a great way to have your 5 fruit & veg a day. Does any of your smoothies have bits in it? Like when you use raspberries or other berries? If so, how do you remove them?

    Lauren Xo

    • I usually keep the bits since they don’t bother me too much. But if I use a fruit with too much seeds I try to mix them first, with just some water and run it through a strainer and just mix the juice with the other ingredients :) xx

    • Aren’t you lovely? I was so happy to read this comment. Might be that little boost I needed to get back on track after this little unwanted break :) Thank you so much! xx

    • I still need to try your peanut butter smoothie! It’s the first thing I’m going to pick up as soon as I get to a bigger store than the little supermarket around the corner 😉 xx

    • I got to try one with mango and ginger when I happened to stop by my smoothie place the other day. That was awesome! Need to try to remake that one myself! xx

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