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Hey guys!

Today when I got home from the gym I found a very happy surprise on the doormat. The post man had left a little parcel from England with, not one, not two but three lovely bracelets from Buckley London*. I think Martin enjoyed the happy dance of excitement as I opened it up. Thanks a million!

Buckley London


As you can see I got one in gold, one in rhodium and one in hematite. All three of them can be worn one by one and be a beautiful detail for themselves or together for a more eye catching look. The black one will go perfectly with one of my favorite, more fancy dresses, but mostly I think I’ll use them together.

These bracelets comes from Buckley’s XO♥-collection, and can be found in gold, rhodium, rose gold and hematite. They also offer matching necklaces for those who might be interested in that. The jewelry is made of woven mesh and decorated with charms with pristine crystals. We all know the X O and ♥ symbols, that I think most of us sends to our friends and loved ones every now and then. I really like how they made such beautiful jewelry, that isn’t to girly, using these symbols.

You find the bracelets and necklaces here, but make sure to take a good look at the whole website. Buckley has so many lovely jewelry, I’m sure it will be worth the time.



What do you think of the xo♥-theme of these jewelry? How would you wear these kind of bracelets? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


*These products were sent to me by Buckley London. Facts about material and the theme are borrowed from their website, but all opinions are my own and true to my experience. 

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