Outfit of the night

So, I’ve changed from my lovely dress that I wore at work (which I forgot to take photos of this morning, but don’t worry, I’ll wear it again) to pajamas! If you read my Liebster award post you might remember that I especially have a huge love for pajama pants. I’m now sitting here in my amazingly comfortable outfit waiting for the #bloggerschat to start on Twitter. I really enjoyed the chats last night, so when I found out there is another one tonight I really wanted to join. I really should be going to bed, but as long as I’m prepared and just can crawl down under the covers afterwards it’s okay.

Since I love my pj’s so much and my outfits posts are among my most read,  I thought, why not show you what I’m wearing tonight?

Robe and pants are from Ralph Lauren. The robe has been in my possession for a year now, and the pants were a Christmas gift to me from my dog. (He’s amazing at buying me gifts. I always get EXACTLY what I want!) The shirt is from Calvin Klein and made in modal, which is an amazing fabric for sleepwear. It’s so incredible soft! Last of all I’m wearing my fluffy slippers. It has become quite cold again, and not very spring like, so I need to warm my feet up.

Hope to see you in the chat soon, or maybe hear a word from you if you found my blog through the chat?

Take care!

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Bling for spring

Hey there!

I was planning to buy an iPhone case in Thailand, but everyone I found that I liked was for 5/5s and I have a 4, so that didn’t happen. Good thing we have eBay, because you can pretty much find everything there. I found one quite similar to some of my favorites in Thailand, so I just had to get it. Yesterday it came with the mail, and I was more than happy with what it looks like.

It’s very springy and very blingy. You should see how it sparkles in life. It’s the perfect case for a five year old (or someone that just loves sparkles, like me) And it rattles when you shake it, so you can use it as an instrument if you shake it in pace with music. Yep, I’m easily entertained. Isn’t it lovely?

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Patterns and colours

Soon time to go to work. I only work three hours, which is quite nice. Almost the whole day to do something else, and get double payed since it’s Sunday so it does some difference on the pay check. Think I might drag my mother to a furniture shop after work. I want to buy another shoe shelf and maybe a drawer to organize my makeup a bit better. We’ll see about that.

Today I go for a simple black outfit, matching it with patterned tights and bright orange nails. The tights are from Twilfit (not from this season, but we do have quite similar now as well so they will work). the Nail polish is from Xantier, one of the brands I found in Thailand. The ring was a Christmas gift (maybe 2012) from my sister, so I don’t know where it’s from.

Enjoy the day and I might be back tonight!

New in – Shoes

I had a short day at work the other day, so my mother and sister came to the shopping center where I work for a little shopping spree, with the main goal to find birthday presents to my dad. I ended up buying nothing to him and few things for myself. (Don’t worry, I gave him a homemade gift card for a concert so it wasn’t an empty handed birthday.)

Since I’ve been working quite a lot this week, and will run of to work again soon, I haven’t had time to take pictures of everything yet, so I’ll just split it up into more than one post.

Today I want to show you a pair of shoes I found. I mostly just wear black shoes (if it’s not converse), but I’ve been walking past this for a few days now and haven’t been able to get them of my mind. Not only that I think they look gorgeous by themselves, just look how great they look with the bag I got in Thailand!

I found the shoes in the Swedish shoe store Din Sko (which means Your Shoe). They were on sale for 199 SEK (about $31 or £19). Very good price if you ask me!

Outfit of the day – Black and White

About to run of to work in a few minutes, but I thought I’d have time for an Outfit of the day post. Tonight (or maybe tomorrow, since I might be too tired after working closing hours) I’ll be doing the Liebster award that I was nominated to. It made my day to wake up to that!

Dress was a Supermarket find in Thailand. One of my
absolute favorites. Cardigan from Primark. 40 den leggings

Shoes from Thailand. Really love the fact that I found a pair of ballerinas
that works for my thin, but long, feet!

Ring from Topshop. Favorite accessory at the moment.

As always, my beloved bracelets. If you like them you have the chance
to get your own in my giveaway here.

Outfit of the day

New week, new possibilities. I’m pretty sure this week will be better than the last. Our friend woke up this Saturday, an even if there’s lot of rehab left at least he’s alive and awake. For me, this week will bring a lot of work (only one day free) and my father’s birthday is coming up. Still trying to figure out what to give him.
Making another outfit of the day post today. Not wearing a skirt to work today. That’s not happening very often!
At work they are trying to sell more casual clothing (before we just sold nightwear and underwear) so we got some really nice pants. They are perfect to just walk around at home, but with a nice blouse they look great for work as well. I used them this weekend, and I sold a few of them by wearing them a bit more dressed up. 
Today I’m wearing them with a top from Primark. I bought it a few years ago, and that year I traveled quite a lot, so I’ve been trying to figure out where I got it. After a while of thinking I decided it must have been in Dublin. 
For a bit more luxurious touch I’m wearing a necklace from Topshop. Really love this one!
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Recommendation: Figleaves

Last week I placed an order on Figleaves, a website selling underwear, nightwear and swimwear. They sell some of the same brands as we do at work, and I just couldn’t help myself from buying products I love in colors we don’t have.

When I placed the order there was some technical issues, because somehow my order was placed twice. I only received one order confirmation and only entered the password to my credit card once, so I didn’t know about this until I got two e-mails telling me the order was shipped. I checked my bank and I had been debited twice as well.

I e-mailed the costumer service, and I had a reply within minutes. Not much to do at that time. Both orders had been sent, and there was nothing to do before they arrive. I totally buy that, since no one can help technical issues. Although I wasn’t very happy about the thought of paying the return, because I had no chance to correct a mistake I didn’t know about. I e-mailed, and again, very fast reply.

The parcels arrived within a week, and I found out how much shipping back would be. Once again, reply right away! Shipping abroad from here is quite expensive, so Figleaves were kind enough to let me keep the second order as well, and still pays me back for it. BIG thumbs up for that! Can’t get too many panties.

There are several things that impressed me with Figleaves.

  • Order was shipped within only an hour from placing it.
  • Fast replies every time I e-mailed
  • Great products. They sell brands I know are good quality and have only had good experiences with.
  • They let me keep the products that I didn’t order (Can’t pretend that wasn’t just awesome.)

I would totally recommend my friends buying from them, and I know for sure I will return as a costumer myself.


Details of the day

I didn’t have time to clean the mirror this morning, and the sun really shows the lack of cleaning, and I didn’t have anyone to help me take pictures of today’s outfit. Blogging is one of those small things in life  that I really enjoy, so I couldn’t not make a post for today. The details of an outfit is also quite important to me, so for today that’s what the post will be about today.
For my friend at the hospital things are looking even better today, and they are slowly preparing to wake him up. Keep your fingers crossed for him  for a few more  days until we know for sure everything is all right!
Let’s get back to those details. 
  • New season leo tights from work (Twilfit) 
  • Nail polish from Calvin Klein (71302 Sheer sparkle)
  • Ring inherited from my Grandmother
  • Shamballa style bracelets (Home made)
  • Bling stud earrings from Primark

Outfit of the day

The sun is shining, I have the weekend of and today my favorite football team in the whole world is playing today. I woke up before the alarm clock and felt more alert and happier than I can remember doing in a really long time. And I’ve been feeling great lately, so I can’t even believe the joy and the happy feelings running around in my body right now.

I’m soon to leave the house to go see the game and tonight two of my best friends are coming for some dinner and movies. This day has all the opportunities to be awesome!

The other outfits I’ve shown you in this blog has been for work, so I thought I should take a picture of what I’m wearing today, when I don’t have to dress up. Just a simple and comfortable outfit for everyday life.

Jeans from Gina Tricot. The sweater was a Christmas gift from my brother, but I think it is from JC.

February favorites

It’s time again! Another February favorite is coming up.

I really struggled when I was picking a bag in Thailand, but now I couldn’t be happier than with the one I ended up with. It has room for everything I need for work and everyday life, without being too big. Not to mention that I think it looks absolutely gorgeous.