Crazy week

Hey guys!

This week has been totally crazy. I’ve traveled half way through the country (not really, but about 3 hours by train to get there, and 3 hours on the train home) to see a football game. My beloved team crushed our biggest rivals with 3-0. Lovely feeling.

I have been to a lovely dinner with our suppliers, which ended up as a night out on the town with really tasty drinks and dinner to die for. Not to mention the fantastic company! All though, one colleague had to leave early because she wasn’t feeling well.

Morning after we got the message, she had been to the hospital during the night. No one really knows what’s wrong, but she’ll be gone for at least the week.

One man down wasn’t enough. The next colleague lost her voice, went to the doctor and was told to stay at home for at least the rest of the week.

Me and my boss were running around like crazy hens, trying to find a way to get the schedule to work. Barely made it, and then major deliveries turned up at work. The first one seemed okay, the second one made it harder but still seemed to be something we could handle. When the third one arrived we realized we wouldn’t be able to do this on our own. Then the fourth one arrived. And a fifth one.

Did I mention that my boss had to leave early both today and tomorrow, since she has small kids that she has to pick up from daycare? And that she will be gone for the weekend?

I’m just gonna go smash my head through a wall, so I can get a good night’s sleep. My Friday off tomorrow turned into a 9 hour long day at work, so I’ll probably get to gather as much energy as possible. I’ll be back with loads of fun stuff as soon as this wind blows over!

2 thoughts on “Crazy week

    • Thank you! I got three days off now to compensate. I’ve been asleep for two of them so now I have a last one to catch up on everything I haven’t done for the past two weeks. Having a lot more energy after two days rest so I think I’ll manage to get back on track :) Also, all the work I do now will end up on the last pay check before I go to London, so every extra hour is good 😉 xx

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