Feeling like a queen

Sawatii ka!

We got up quite early and got a really nice hotel breakfast. We had read some bad reviews from people not liking the buffet, so I said that I was happy with some toast and fresh fruit. When we came down to the restaurant there was every thing you could possible want. Fired rice, noodles, chicken soup, bacon, yogurt, cereals, different kinds of bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, juices… And two girls stand behind a stove and cooked eggs of your choice (scrambled, fried…) Double thumbs up for  that!

After breakfast it was time to check out the beach. Hua hin doesn’t really have the paradise beaches as Thailand is known for, but it’s great anyway! On the beach there are lot of salesmen (and women) wandering around, trying to sell their stuff and services. We spoiled ourselves with some manicure and pedicure. The woman doing it was really good at her thing and really friendly. While she was doing my hands she at one point touched my thigh and said: “White! Very white… Beautiful!” Can’t really say I’m white anymore. More like red. The sun is very aggressive, even though we try to sit in the shadow as much as possible.

After the beach we took a shower and went to try a massage. I went for the oil massage, since I know that the Thai massage is kind of hard-handed. The oil massage was wonderful! One hour, full body massage, for just 400 Baht. And the girl doing it was fantastic! Will probably go back and ask for her again. I’m feeling like a queen with all these treatments and the kind people.

Tomorrow me and my sister will probably have a shopping and pool day. I don’t want to expose my skin to much to the sun yet, so I don’t think the beach is  the best idea at the moment. Will give that a new chance when I’m not as red.

Hopefully I’ll be able to upload some pictures tomorrow.

See you soon!

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