Get ready for launch party!

Hi everyone,

As I wrote in my last blog post I’ve been working on something in secret for a while. It’s now time to reveal my secret.

I’ve decided to leave my job in the lingerie store. I will be working there for three more weeks, but then it’s time for me to move on. I’ve gotten an opportunity to borrow a salon, which I will be looking at next week, where I’ll be able to work with eyelash extensions in the weekends. I will also be getting a makeup room in our new apartment where I will be able to do lash extension as well as working with makeup.

Since I will be spending a lot of time doing what I love, I’ve decided to create a beauty inspired Instagram account to show my work. The blog will stay the way it is, with a mix of beauty, lifestyle, travel and fashion and you will be able to follow my blog Instagram and Twitter as well, but the new account will be beauty only as a part of my new job.

At the day of my exam to become a lash stylist, 22 April, I will launch the account name and throw a giveaway to celebrate with you all!

Hoping you will join me on this new adventure!


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