Girls’ night in

Hey there! 
My parents are in our cabin this weekend and my brother moved down to the basement. Me and my sister took the opportunity to have a nice girls’ night in together and just spend the evening in the couch, watching TV and movies. (Right now we’re watching Smarter than a 5th grader, and I’m actually doing quite good) When I got home from work she had prepared dinner and desert, and I bought some snacks on the way. She made her own sushi, and holy smokes, it was good! For desert I was served raspberry and white chocolate pie with vanilla sauce. To. Die. For! Since we were having desert we decided just to have some vegetables and sour cream and onion dip as a night snack.
Love to just relax like this sometimes, and not be on the go all the time. 
How are you spending this Saturday night? 
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