Glossybox August


I got a new Glossybox the other day, and I must say I was really happy with the content this time. Since they were celebrating their birthday it was a more generous box than usual, and I’m not complaining.

Jelly Pong Pong Mascara – For me this is completely new. I’ve never heard about the brand before, so I’m excited to try. It’s a bit more expensive than mascaras I usually buy myself so I hope it’s good for that as well!

Model Co Bronzing Powder – Also a brand I haven’t tried before. Since I do have a few bronzing powders before I love the small package since it’s a perfect size for the handbag.

Anatomicals Face Mask – Deep cleansing and matting effect. Got one from the same brand in another box and was happy whit that. Hopefully this one will be as good.

The Body Shop Body Butter “Wild Argan Oil” – I LOVE body butters from The Body Shop and have several of them at home. This new one really smells like something I would buy myself. I like that it’s not as fruity as most of the ones I have at home. This one feels more like fall.

Makiash Lipcolour Pen – A new Swedish brand! And I must say LOVE LOVE LOVE. The colour is lovely, high pigmented and shiny. (Also like the fact that the name of my town is on the pen) I will use this one a lot this fall, and I will most defiantly check out their website for more products.


Thierry Mugler EdT “Angel” – I like bonuses, and I like the opportunity to try a perfume a few times before I buy it. This one is described to smell like chocolate, vanilla, mandarin and honey. I must honestly say that if I just smelled this by the bottle in a store I would put it back and walk away quickly. It didn’t speak to me at all. But I had already sprayed the test to my hand, and it is starting to grow on me. I will give that little test bottle a real try, with the right clothes and the right mood. Not to PJ’s and cozy alone time by the laptop.

Fleur de Santé Precious Skin Boost Anti-Aging Day Cream – I don’t think that the little test bag in this box will make any miracles, so I will probably not buy the whole thing from this. But the description says it contains rose quartz, and that sounds quite cool so I might at least read a bit more about it in the magazine.

That was all for today! See you again soon!

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