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Hi there,
I was starting to think they had forgotten about me this month, since I’ve seen people reviewing their boxes the whole week. When I got home yesterday and my sister’s box had arrived, but not mine, I nearly flipped! But as I went thorough the rest of the mail I found a note that they had been trying to deliver the box, but there was no room left in the post box. The rain was pouring down, so my mother was nice enough to drive me to the delivery point so I could pick it up.
I wouldn’t say this is the best box I’ve ever gotten, but I wasn’t disappointed either. For sure worth the money I would say. For me a different shade of the nail polish could have made it a jackpot! 
Burt’s Bees Lip Balm – I’ve actually never tried Burt’s Bees before. I did buy one of their lip balms to my sister when I was in Chicago, but I never got one for myself. (Don’t ask me why). Got this one with acai berries, that tastes lovely and feel very nice and smooth to the lips. I look forward to evaluate this lip balm with 100% natural ingredients further.
Bella Pierre Cosmetics Cosmetic Glitter – A glitter for body and face. I got mine in silver. I’ve gotten products from Bella Pierre before and been really happy with them, so I have high hope for this as well. Might be nice for a New Year’s makeup look!
BaByliss Hair donut – A hair donat with a push button for various hairstyles. I don’t know if I, or Martin, was the happiest about this one. He loves it when I wear my hair up, especially in a bun. I like that it was small to fit my thin hair and that it came with a string and some hair pins.
Make Up Store  Nail polish – I love Make Up Store. I love nail polish. The only downside is that it’s blue and that is a color I don’t use a lot on my nails, But it is a very beautiful shade, so I will for certain give it a go.
Sasco Aloe Vera Gel – They say Aloe Vera is supposed to be magic. I’m yet to discover that. I’ve been trying it once or twice, but never noticed that magic that they talk about. Will Sasco be able to change this?
Anthon Berg Dark chocolate stick with Chili, Honey and Almonds – This was a bonus, which is always a nice surprise. I haven’t tasted it yet, but is sounds delicious!

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