Hi everyone!

I made it! I managed to find some internet connection in the woods. I have the weekend off and decided to join my parents and go to our summer cabin. It’s so lovely to be here! Hopefully the weather is okay tomorrow so I can take some nice pictures. Would love to show my favorite place on earth!

I got an offer to try Glossybox to a reduced price, and I just had to jump on. I love surprises and I love trying new things, so it just seemed like the perfect thing for me. Today the first box showed up at my door, and it was a pleasant surprise! I will do decent reviews on the products later on, when I’ve tried them properly, so for now I’ll just let you know what was inside the box.

Lovely wrapping! So exciting! 
Look at all the lovely things I got! 

Panos Emporio Deospray A preview of the new deospray called Goldflower. “Romantic and elegant smell filled with florwes and fresh fruits” It sure smells amazing! 
Mitchell and Peach A body cream with honey and coconut. Yep! I’m in love with the smell of this one as well. Hope it’ll do a nice job too. 
Oriflame The ONE Power Shine Lipstick, Lustros Nude. The colour looks really nice and shimmery. Can’t wait to try it with a nice looking makeup.
Fleur de Santé Precious Skin Twinkle Eye Contour Cream. Perfect! I’ve been thinking I should get a new eye cream, but never got to it. Now I have a new one to try!

Models own Nail polish for a nail polish freak. Couldn’t be better. Hard to see the nice sparkles on this pictures. (Just noticed, it’s close to 1 A.M. It will do for now). Keep an eye out for the full review.

I think I got lucky this time. What do you think? Have you tried any of the products?

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6 thoughts on “Glossybox

    • It sure does! Hope for a positive experience from wearing it too :) Will check out your blog once I’m at home and have a bit better internet connection :) xx

  1. nice box! the Fleur de Santé Precious Skin Twinkle Eye Contour Cream sounds like a lovely cream. the polish looks super pretty too :) x

    • I use the eye cream now, and so far I’m happy with it. No miraculous changes, but I still like it. The nail polish is high priority to try as soon as I can find the time :) xx

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