Green and Yellow Makeup

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Because of everything going on with changing jobs and moving house there isn’t time for many new projects at the moment. I still really want to get back to blogging properly, because that’s something I really love and have been missing a lot lately. As I was going through the pictures on my computer to see if I could find pictures to send for marketing of my new job I found a few pictures from my education that I thought might be worth sharing here.

One of our home works during my makeup education was to do a yellow and green makeup, so I thought I would show you a before  and after picture of my work. This was an early home work, so there are things I’ve learnt now that I would have done differently now or worked harder on. For example this was before I learnt how to work around my asymmetricals in the face. I do think I did quite a good job covering up all the redness I got during the winter though.

As I get my makeup space in the new apartment in just a few weeks, this is a look I will recreate to see my improvement since I did this look.

Since this look was made a few months ago, I’m not sure on all the products used but at least the eye shadows are from Makeup Revolution (144 colours Ultimate Eye Shadow Collection).

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Green & Yellow

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