The meeting today was about Hanro. I had never heard of them before, and must admit I was quite skeptic when I just looked at the boxes and saw the price. That opinion changed quickly when I learned more about it and had a close look at the garments. It’s an old brand, that’s very successful in other parts of Europe and in USA. In Sweden it’s quite unknown and we just found out we’re the only ones in this part of the country that’s selling them. (Hopefully that will change if we do a good job with it)

We got to see a video from one of the factories where the garments are made, and it was amazing! I didn’t know that kind of places still exist. A lot of things are done by hand, like cutting the fabric, make sure there isn’t any flaws in the fabric and sit by a sewing machine to do some very fine work. I also appreciates that everything is produced in Switzerland or Portugal, which means I know for sure that the condition for the workers are really good.

The materials are very exclusive, like Egyptian cotton and mercerized cotton. And the fact that they use viscose, instead of polyamide, in the petticoat is perfect since that doesn’t create any static electricity between the garments.

With all this new knowledge I will be happy to sell the products, because I really believe in them myself. Will be trying this Cotton Seamless tank top first, but I believe my closet will expand with a few more Hanro garments in the near future.

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