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Tonight I will show you another nail polish in my collection. This is my newest one, and I love it, the Isadora Holographic! It sparkles really nicely and you get a nice texture. The first time I wore it I could have it for five days straight without chipping. That’s really good considering how much I use my hands at work, with unpacking, getting clothes on hangers and so on. Thumbs up for the hold!

Further on I love the look. And not just me. I get a lot of compliments from both colleagues, friends and even costumers. I was talking to a girl at the cash disk while I was wrapping up her things, and she just grabbed my hand starting to feel the nails. She told me they were gorgeous and asked me where I get them done. She practically ran out from our store when I told her it was just nail polish and that she could buy it just next door.

The only thing that isn’t 100% is that it’s quite hard to get it to cover the nails as much as I want. The glitter gets stuck on the brush quite easily and won’t apply to your nail. With some practise and stubbornness it is possible though, an since it lasts that long I think it’s totally worth it.

Isadora Holographic in the color 872 Jet Setter

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