Home sweet home


This has been one of the longest days ever. The alarm clock rang at 4:45 this morning, but I had time to snooze for 30 minutes. We had arranged for a taxi to pick us up at the hotel LATEST 6:00 to get to the airport in time. After having the receptionist calling for the guy that should pick us up three times he finally arrived at 6:20.

The ride to Bangkok took about three hours. He was driving really fast to make up for the time we lost, but of course we had to fill up gasoline and have a few coffee stops on the way. We did arrive just in time for check in and running trough the airport to the right gate. Luckily the driver was used to Scandinavian tourists so he knew just were to drop us off. Thumbs up for us that could check in without overweight! It was really close!

The flight from Bangkok to Helsinki was delayed with 20 minutes and took about 11 hours I think. (I’m too tired to double check if my calculations are correct) This was probably the worst flight I’ve ever been on. There were a lot of kids and babies, so it was really noisy and a lot of screaming. The lady in front of me fell her seat as much as she could and laid there the whole time, so I had minimum space for my legs, and it felt like I had her in my lap. I don’t get claustrophobic easily, but this was really close to it. I managed to focus on two movies to make the time pass a little faster. Both Rio and 500 days of Summer was quite good.

Since the flight from Bangkok was delayed we really had do hurry in Helsinki. The boarding was already on the final call when we got out of the plane. Of course the security was annoyingly picky when we had to go through the control. Even though we went though the control in Bangkok, and couldn’t possibly get anything more on the plane that we weren’t allowed to bring, they emptied two of our bags completely. Just to find out there was nothing wrong!

From Helsinki to Copenhagen we had 1,5 more  hours to go. Would have wished for a calmer flight, but most of the kids were also flying to Copenhagen and now they were even more tired, and so was I!

When we got all our luggage we went out to the arrival hall and found Daddy waiting for us. He was kind enough to pick us up with the car so we didn’t have to take the train the last part of the way. The first stop on the way home was to drop of Grandma and say hi to Grandpa. We must have looked like zombies when we got there. At least I felt like one.

When that was done we got back into the car and drove the last 15 minutes of the trip. After about 20 hours trip and 12 days away from home it felt awesome to roll up on the driveway and see Max through the window and meet the happiest dog I’ve ever seen. Oh, what I’ve missed that little fellow! On the inside my brother was waiting for us with open arms and it was quite good to meet him as well (Hey, don’t tell him that).

Now, 23 hours after I got up this morning, I’ve left Thailand, spent an hour in Finland, arrived in Denmark and gotten home to Sweden. Can’t wait to get a long night’s sleep in my own bed, in my own room.


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