Hopes and goals for 2015

Hi there,

It’s a new year, and even though it’s really just a number changing, I like to see it as a fresh start with new possibilities. If you read my blog yesterday you know I didn’t get the best end of 2014, and maybe not the best start since I still have to work hard to get back on track again. But, none the less, I have big plans for the year to come. Many of them will affect this blog in one way or another. Sit back and enjoy the teaser of the 2015 journey.

Education – As you may know, I’m starting my studies to become a makeup specialist the 20th of January. I am overly excited about this, and can’t wait to start. Not sure where this will lead in my career. Maybe it’ll give a start to something brand new, or it will just give me a boost in what I do now, as I get some new input. For the blog, it’s easy to figure there might be way more makeup on here during the year.

Home – As I also wrote yesterday, Martin and I have been looking for apartments during the fall, and since it didn’t turn out then, we know for sure 2015 is the year we will find our place to live and move in together. Even though this is for us personally, I think it will give a boost to the blog as well since I will get a proper working space in our office, and Martin has promised me to build a makeup studio in the guest room (aka my sisters room, as she comes to visit).

Travel – Our adventures has just started! We love to travel and have a few plans for the new year. New York and Bahamas is on top of the list, but there might be some more places that we don’t know about yet. We seem to figure that out over time. Of course you will get to join us through text and pictures on here. Who knows, there might even be a video or two as we’re planning to buy a GoPro camera.

Blog – I really enjoy writing this blog, and I love how it makes me interact with lovely people all over the world. For 2015 I wish to make the blog, and the contacts, to grow even more. Maybe expand to YouTube as I learn more about makeup to share tutorials and get great space for it in our future apartment. I also want to put effort into taking better photos. My boyfriend is really supportive and encouraging, and I know he will do everything to keep me going, as he sees how much this gives me.

I want to make 2015 my year. I say that every year, but somehow it feels like 2015 is the year to be. I’ve found the love of my life. I’m planning to move out. I’ll get to see the world as I’ve always dreamed about. And, what will be of great importance this year, is that I’ve taken the step to an education to find out what I really want to do. It’s time for me to find my way to conquer the world.

Me and Martin before yesterday’s party. Really look
forward for a brand new year with you.

I wish you all a very great 2015!

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