Kicks Sugar Lacquer

One of Sweden’s biggest cosmetic companies has a store right next to where I work. Not surprising that I end up paying them a visit if I have some spare time on a break.

As you may have noticed I’m a big fan of Isadora’s Sugar Nails collections. At least my boss has. The other day she asked me if it was the Kicks Sugar Lacquer I used. Guess you know the rest. I had to run in there.

Somehow I had missed that they made these kind of polishes in their own brand. Quite hard to see though since you can’t really see the texture from the bottle. Guess I hadn’t read the text carefully enough.

Of course I had to try one of them, and my pick fell on a beige one. Even tough I love colors, that’s not always the most wearable ones to my clothes. Therefor I was really happy to find a neutral polish with texture. Also like the fact that is a local brand.

Isn’t it lovely?

Kicks Sugar Lacquer in color Desert Storm

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