Nail polish storage

When we were out walking today we stopped by at a supermarket close to where we live to buy some eggs. The thing I like the most about this little store is that from time to time they get quite fun things, it can be anything from cell phones to interior.

I’ve been thinking about a better way to store my nail polishes than the big glass bowl I’ve had for the past year. I think it looks pretty to have them there, but it’s usually impossible to find the colour you’re looking for without emptying the whole bowl. (Also I tend to forget which shades I have since I don’t really see them)
When we got in to the store I found this cabinet that was just calling my name and saying “Please take me home! I’m made to take good care of your little babies”. It wasn’t like I had any choice to take it under my arm and carry it home.
I only wish there were one more shelf so there would be more space, but at least I could get two lines of polishes on every shelf. There are still some more space next to this cabinet where I can put the stands I bought in Thailand. Think I might use them for my most used shades at the moment.

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