New York, I’m in love

Now we’ve been back in Sweden for a couple of days and been trying to get back on track from the jet lag. It doesn’t make it easier with birthday parties and an all night out, but we’re getting there. 
New York was AMAZING! I really didn’t want to go home so soon, and I can’t wait to go back. Hopefully I will just have to wait for a few more months before I go back with Martin and my sister, Fia.  
We decided to live in a hotel on Long Island, with the view over Manhattan, which was genius! We lived in a very nice and calm area, and it was really easy to get to the city center with the metro. Also we got a way better hotel for the price compared to what we found in Manhattan. (I’m planning a review on the hotel in the near future.)
Visiting New York has always been a big dream of mine, and it was just as fantastic as I had imagined. I got a little starstruck at Times Square, “I’VE SEEN THIS ON PROJECT RUNWAY”, and a whole lot of other movies and TV-shows, but that’s what got on my mind. Walking around, and eating breakfast, in Central Park was just as beautiful and fairy like as I had hoped, with all the squirrels and birds that allowed you to come really close. Rock of Ages was way better live on Broadway, than watching the movie from the couch at home. And 9/11 became real, when I stood there at Ground Zero and noticed all the names of victims. Not to mention the view from the pier in Long Island, both day and night, at the Manhattan skyline that gave me goosebumps all over my body.
Aaaand, for a shoppoholic like me that was an insane experience as well. We got time for a lot of shopping in the city and a whole day at Woodbury. THANK GOD, I have a boyfriend that loves shopping (almost) as much as I do, and don’t mind spending the days in a whole lot of stores, and a whole lot of changing rooms. USA is extremely cheap compared to Sweden to start with, and if you go to an outlet or a sale it’s impossible to not go bananas!  
I could write about this trip forever, but it’s getting really late and I need to work tomorrow. Stay posted though, I do have a few more posts about New York planned. It’s just a matter of finding spare time, which is sort of scarce commodity at the moment, but we’ll get there!
Good night for now!

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