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New week, new possibilities. I’m pretty sure this week will be better than the last. Our friend woke up this Saturday, an even if there’s lot of rehab left at least he’s alive and awake. For me, this week will bring a lot of work (only one day free) and my father’s birthday is coming up. Still trying to figure out what to give him.
Making another outfit of the day post today. Not wearing a skirt to work today. That’s not happening very often!
At work they are trying to sell more casual clothing (before we just sold nightwear and underwear) so we got some really nice pants. They are perfect to just walk around at home, but with a nice blouse they look great for work as well. I used them this weekend, and I sold a few of them by wearing them a bit more dressed up. 
Today I’m wearing them with a top from Primark. I bought it a few years ago, and that year I traveled quite a lot, so I’ve been trying to figure out where I got it. After a while of thinking I decided it must have been in Dublin. 
For a bit more luxurious touch I’m wearing a necklace from Topshop. Really love this one!
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