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There are no bookings on my schedule today, so I decided to take a day to work from home. There are always paperwork to do, e-mails to answer and so on. When I worked in the store I had days when I dreamed of working from home, not having to get out of the PJ’s all day and sitting by the computer drinking coffee. I have done this a few times, but honestly, I get so much more productive if I get ready like I would have if I was going to work away from the house. It also helps during business phone calls. It’s so much easier to really listen if you’ve gotten yourself into a working mode.

Today’s outfit is all about being comfortable while working by the computer, but at the same time I want it to be proper enough if I need to leave the house for some reason. I’m wearing stretchy jeans, that are really comfortable but not as sloppy as a pair of sweat pants could be. I’m adding a bit of colour with a basic tee, and since it was a bit chilly in the office I grabbed one of my favorite cardigans. It’s so cozy, but yet good looking! I put the hair up in a simple braid and I’m not wearing any makeup. Normally I would at least put some mascara on to look more alert when I pass a mirror, but I’ve had some issues with an allergic reaction around my eyes, so I’m laying low on makeup at the moment.

Outfit of the day - Work from home


  • Stretch jeans from Even&Odd
  • Basic tee from Primark
  • Cardigan from Primark

What’s your favorite outfit for work/school at home? 

5 thoughts on “Outfit of the day – Work from home

    • It makes a huge difference! But I’ve always been like that. Better dressed – more motivated. Wound’t dress up in a fancy dress just to work at home though 😉

  1. That’s a pretty nice outfit to work at home 😀 I’d probably switch the jeans for leggings, but you’re right when you’re saying that getting ready for work makes people more productive at home! :)
    I’m working in an open plan office, so I love working at home because it’s more quiet!

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