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Long time no see. Things have been kind of crazy lately. Long stories short, we didn’t get the apartment we were looking at, I got sick during our trip to Madrid, two colleagues quit our job (which is quite a lot since we’re only five people in the staff) just before the Christmas sales are about to start and I found an education I want to take part that starts by the end of January. It’s fair to say my head has been ready to explode for a while now.

Since Christmas is around the corner, at least in the retail businesses, we get a lot of news to the store at the moment. A brand new brand for us is PJ Salvage, that makes adorable PJ’s. Cats, dogs, owls, elephants, cookies & milk. They all look lovely! And one of the best parts is that it’s delivered in a pizza box! Who can not fall for that?

Recently we reached a sales goal at work from one of our suppliers, and they were kind enough to let us pick a gift from one of their brands. I had fell in love with the elephant PJ’s, so for me the choice was easy. (Even though I did try the other ones as well, just to be really sure. And Oh, Lord it was a good choice! I’ve pretty much moved in to this lovely piece of clothing. The first thing I do as I get home in the evening is to jump into this one. Maybe I should invest in one more, so that I have one in each of my two homes… And my little fur ball, Max, would like you all to know that it’s totally cuddle approved.

On Friday me and M are going to New York! It has been one of my  biggest dreams since I was about 15 years old, and now it’s just a few days more until it comes true. Overly excited about that! Hit me with your best trip advises if you’ve been there!


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