Reclaim of my laptop

Hello there!

The past few days Mum has been steeling my laptop to prepare for the big 3×70:th birthday party tonight, but now that that’s all done I’ve reclaimed, which I’m very happy about. I will share some of my stories from here, but I need to get some sleep before the party as well, so time will bring them to you. 
The day so far has been great. We got up really early to go on a boat trip. We had lunch on the boat, and did some fishing, but the main destination was Monkey Island. What an experience! When we got to the beach the monkeys were waiting for us. Our guide gave us fruit and vegetables to give to the cuties. Oh, the feeling when that tiny hands carefully took the fruits from mine. They were really comfortable with people and gladly jumped up on peoples backs. I want to build a little house there and live with them! 

Monkey Island

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