Recommendation: Figleaves

Last week I placed an order on Figleaves, a website selling underwear, nightwear and swimwear. They sell some of the same brands as we do at work, and I just couldn’t help myself from buying products I love in colors we don’t have.

When I placed the order there was some technical issues, because somehow my order was placed twice. I only received one order confirmation and only entered the password to my credit card once, so I didn’t know about this until I got two e-mails telling me the order was shipped. I checked my bank and I had been debited twice as well.

I e-mailed the costumer service, and I had a reply within minutes. Not much to do at that time. Both orders had been sent, and there was nothing to do before they arrive. I totally buy that, since no one can help technical issues. Although I wasn’t very happy about the thought of paying the return, because I had no chance to correct a mistake I didn’t know about. I e-mailed, and again, very fast reply.

The parcels arrived within a week, and I found out how much shipping back would be. Once again, reply right away! Shipping abroad from here is quite expensive, so Figleaves were kind enough to let me keep the second order as well, and still pays me back for it. BIG thumbs up for that! Can’t get too many panties.

There are several things that impressed me with Figleaves.

  • Order was shipped within only an hour from placing it.
  • Fast replies every time I e-mailed
  • Great products. They sell brands I know are good quality and have only had good experiences with.
  • They let me keep the products that I didn’t order (Can’t pretend that wasn’t just awesome.)

I would totally recommend my friends buying from them, and I know for sure I will return as a costumer myself.


2 thoughts on “Recommendation: Figleaves

    • I’m getting used to shopping overseas now, but this is the first time there are some issues with the order. Really happy about the good service so I’ll keep shopping :) x

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