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If you read my blog post about my latest Glossybox, you might know that I got two nail polishes from Yves Rocher. Since I’m a big fan of nail polishes I was really happy, but the excitement was about two nice colours and a nail polish in general. Not did I know that I would write this post to let you all know a new love in my life.

Description of the product from Glossybox that followed the nail polish (my translation from Swedish)

High quality 5free nail polishes contains elemiharts, which gives high gloss and lasting quality. Comes in over 50 colours inspired by the endless botanical colour palette.



My first impressions

When I first saw the bottle I wasn’t overly excited. The colours were nice, but the packaging wasn’t thrilling when you just saw the two polishes in the box.

I chose to try the pink one first, 24. Rose Dalhia, and the first nice surprise was a wide, flat, brush that was really easy to work with. The colour got nice and even without struggle. The coverage was great too. I chose to go over with two coats, as I always do, but it looked quite good with just the first one. It dried quickly and it looks really nice and shiny even when it’s dry.

I also really liked the colour of Rose Dalhia. It’s a summery pink shade, but not too bright. This, to me, makes it feel like a more adult shade of hot pink.

Lasting quality

I’m allergic to chips. I can’t stand it when the nails are starting to look messy. Usually I can wear a polish 2-3 days before I have an urge to remove and repaint. This is the main reason I can go completely without nail polish in long periods. When I have a lot on my plate, I just find it too time consuming. With the Yves Rocher polishes, this is no longer an issue.

The picture bellow shows what my nails looked like after one week’s of use. It had only start to chip, and friends of mine, that aren’t as picky as me, could easily have gone at least a day or two more. I have never ever tried a nail polish that works this great for me.

yvesrocher one week


Final thoughts

I’m overly impressed by this nail polishes. I praised them to the skies at home for the high shine and impressing lating quality. It wasn’t too many days before Martin came home with a gift box with three more colours to a collection that will keep on growing. As I saw the five bottles together I started to like the packaging more as well. Even though it might look a bit boring with just one or two, a collection makes you realize they let the colours talk for themselves.

Another plus for me is the size of the bottles (5ml). I like that they aren’t too big. That way the prices can be kept lower and you can buy even more colours instead. There’s also a chance you’ll actually be able to use a whole bottle some day. And I don’t find it too small either, so you should be able to use it a fair amount of times before it’s time to replace.

I find the price very reasonable as well. 59 SEK/Bottle. (A little less than $7). For that price you get outstanding quality that I’ve yet to find among the more expensive brands.


From left to right; 34. Iris, 24. Rose Dalhia, 61. Bleu Nigelle, 53. Capucine, 106. Cerise Narcée

Have you tried these nail polishes? Did you like them? Do you have another favorite brand you’d like to share? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below.



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