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Here we are, gathered together again. Me, my laptop, my camera AND the cable that was missing last time. Keep on reading and enjoy the adventure to Salzburg.

As you may know I love football, and especially a great team from the same town as me. Since we won the Swedish league last year we got to qualify for Champions League this year. We made it to the Play off and were drawn against a team from Salzburg. This happened to be during my vacation (well planned!) so I booked two bus tickets with the supporter club and brought my sister. We left Monday evening and after 19 hours we arrived in Salzburg just in time to get something to eat, stroll around the city and enjoy the beauty of it for a couple of hours before the game. Afterwards we got back into the buses for a 19 hours’ ride home, and got back around 6.00 PM on Wednesday. Short but intense!

You may think that 38 hours on a bus in just two days would me a nightmare, but the people on the bus really found the balance of party, fun and enough time to get some sleep. The music was a really good mix of house, Swedish good old classics and Old MacDonald (in Danish). Most of it is impossible to retell, but let’s just say we laughed till we cried at times. A bus ride can be a whole lot of fun if you spend it with people that are there for the exact same reason as you.

When we arrived in Salzburg me and my sister felt like we needed some time on our own though, so we went for a nice dinner and walked around the city before it was time to head to the arena. Since I had so much in my mind I had forgot to buy the tickets to the game, so we had to be there a bit earlier to be sure to get in. Still we had enough time to walk around, see the Mozartplatz and visit a lovely Christmas store.

At the arena we met a few hundred fans of our team, known and unknown. It’s a pretty great feeling being in a completely different country, and still know so many people. We didn’t win the game, but we got away with 2-1, witch was a pretty good result since we had the return game at home and away goals are worth more. 1-0 would be enough at home! It was a hopeful, but exhausted group of people that packed up on the buses to spend another 19 hours there.

Footnote: We did win at home with 3-0 and are qualified for Champions League. The first time in 14 years a Swedish time qualifies!

Beautiful surroundings

Christmas in Salzburg

Christmas in Salzburg

Excited and exhausted


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