Sister time and me time

Today my plan was to run some errands, so I took my sister by the hand and jumped on a bus into town. I forgot most of the things I was supposed to do, but at least I got an HDMI cable to my camera. Most importantly I got some quality with Fia and we got to eat sushi at one of our favorite places. Such an easy thing to do to make the whole day feel awesome.

Back at home I decided to take some time to myself and have mini-spa. I used some of my favorite products for this. Facial mask from The Body Shop, Macadamia Hair Mask, body scrub from Rituals and bath melt from Lush. Not shown in the picture is my oil therapy skin treatment from Biotherm. When you have the time to spoil yourself a little you probably deserve some snack as well. For me coke, Djungelvrål (also known as “the swedish death candy”) and a Swedish chocolate ball was right on what I wanted today.
I hadn’t tried this bath melt from Lush before today, but I really liked it. Luckily I bought two, because it was a Christmas special so it’s not in store anymore. Will keep the other one for a day when I really feel like glowing. I can promise you my whole body is shimmering in silver!
The other products will most likely get their own posts in the future.
Pamper time
Me, waiting for the bus this morning.

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