Spring time

Thank you for all the kind comments in the last few posts. Things have been quite hard for a few days, but today we got some good news from the hospital and because of that I feel like I can write it down. I don’t want to get deep into what happened, but a guy I know (we are not close, but we run into each other every now and then and have mutual friends) was a victim of attempted murder this weekend. He is put into artificial coma, but the doctors says the condition is now stable and no longer life threatening. They are also impressed with the progress so far, which can only be a good sign. I still keep all my fingers crossed and send all my prayers to him and his family.

As I mentioned yesterday this has made the head spin like crazy, and made me determined to appreciate things more while I have the chance to do so. The only thing we know about life is that sooner or later it has to end, and it’s up to ourselves to make the best of the time we’re lucky to get. Therefore, the rest of this post will be about what made me happy today!

  • The good news from the hospital (of course). Gives a bit more hope at this time!
  • Nice gifts from our suppliers to show they appreciate our hard work.
  • That I had the possibility to take some time to talk to an old lady that visited our store today. She really appreciated it and told me that I was an “adornment to the store”
  • That spring is here, it’s quite warm outside and I could dig my beloved sneakers out of the closet.
  • First ice cream of the year, outside by the little duck pond in the neighborhood.

Even when life is hard there are things to brighten our days. Imagine how great a good day can be if you see those small things then!

Finally they are back! 

6 thoughts on “Spring time

  1. I am SO happy to hear things are looking up! I hope your friend has a speedy recovery and only amazing and really good things happen to you from now on! :)

    Much Love,


    • Thank you, Emily! Even more great news today. He has moved fingers and toes. They are now slowly preparing to wake him up :) Thanks again for your support!

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