Summer (so far) in pictures

Hello there! 
Summer so far has been really busy. It has been the warmest summer in the country for, I don’t know how long. People have been coming to the mall just to get away from the heat. I’ve never seen so many people shopping in the summer before. On top of that all colleagues has been on vacation. Not at the same time, fortunately, but it has meant a lot of work. Even so, the summer has been amazing and my vacation is still to come. I work for one more week, then I’ll have two weeks off. Starting with a bus trip to Austria with my dear sister to watch my lovely football team qualify for a rather big tournament. 
Since I didn’t post any pictures last time, I thought I’d share a photo bomb with you today. Enjoy! 
My love is treating me with flowers from time to time. Always
brightens the day. 

I’ve been spending time with my loved ones,
in one of the places I love the most. (Our cabin)

I’ve taught my boyfriend to eat sushi. He now
loves it! (And actually suggested it for dinner

We’ve been to the beach and watched the
sunset. Never really realized I had such a beautiful
place so close

We’ve had cozy nights with tea and
pretty awesome chocolate. 
I’ve been practicing my cooking skills by
learning to make fudge. 

I’ve been treated with even more beautiful roses.

Pancakes at Portobello Road market in London

Cupcakes from Hummingbird Bakery. Insanely tasty! 

Charles Bridge in Prague. First trip together with my boyfriend.

John Lennon wall in Prague

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