New York Shopping

Hey guys!

Wow! Time really flies by. Can’t believe we’re in the middle of April already. I have written so many blogposts in my head lately and I actually got really surprised when I noticed I hadn’t posted anything in nearly four months. As always it’s something I’ve really been missing and I’ve promised myself to take up on it more times than I can count.

When Martin got his schedule for spring we noticed he had a few days off in April, so we decided I should take some vacation too and make a trip somewhere. We had London, Prague and Toronto on the list but couldn’t really make up our mind. Last Saturday we decided for New York instead and caught a plane the morning after. Since we only had about three and a half day and have been to New York we decided not to do too much sightseeing and spend more time shopping. (Do I have the best boyfriend ever, to agree on such priorities, or what?) Curious to find out what I brought home? Here we go…

Gap Levis Hillfiger

I hate buying new jeans. I struggle to find a fit I like and when I do they are usually crazy expensive. Oh, the happiness when I found these high waist skinny Levi’s jeans for about a third of the price at home.

The beige cardigan is from Tommy Hilfiger. I think it will look great with a simpler dress or with jeans. Perfect for chilly summer nights when a warm jacket isn’t needed.

I love the zip hoodies from GAP. I tend to run around in them at work, so I was in great need of a new one. The pockets are my keys and my phone as I run around in the building, it’s easy to just pull off or open up if I get to warm during a treatment without interrupting the work too much and it fits to the surroundings as my salon is placed at a gym.

Calvin Klein

These tops from Calvin Klein are an absolute favorite since before. Last time I was in New York I got five of them, and was happy to see them in new patterns and colours. Perfect timing to go during spring this time and get them in brighter colours, as I went during fall last time. Works for every occasion, with either jeans or a skirt.


This dress from Guess was a great find! For only $20 at Woodbury Commons I found it nice enough to just hang in the closet until I find an opportunity to wear it. I find it to be more of a fall/winter dress so it might take a while, but it looked nice and was cheap so I just couldn’t leave it. Loving the asymmetric skirt!

Michael Kors

This dress from Michael Kors basically screams my name. It’s a nice and simple fit, with some lovely details, just how I want my perfect (easy wearable) dress. There’s a risk I’ll use this dress too much, making people think it’s the only thing I own! Or not wear it enough because I’m afraid to trash it…


These shoes are probably my favorites from this trips shopping. Loving the fancier looking sneaker style. They will be perfect for everyday use and for a little bit dressier moments too. Maybe I wouldn’t wear them with a sequins dress, but there are most certain dresses in my closet that will go with these for a dinner with friends or a night out with Martin.

Lancome Anastasia Urban decay

Believe it or not, but there wasn’t much beauty shopping this time. Probably because my eye lids got so dry and itchy after the fly I could barely use makeup during the trip. (Hence no inspiration) At least I found a great deal on the Grandiôse mascara from Lanôme, which is my all time favorite, in a pack with their Cils Booster XL mascara base. I also got the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I’ve read a lot of positive reviews on this one and couldn’t resist the curiosity to try. Lastly I got a Liquid Lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills in the colour Craft, which I’m also curious to try out.

My budget was a bit tighter this time than during my last visit in New York, but somehow I find that positive. This time I only got things that I know I will get a lot of use out off and I think I did quite a good job getting nice things for the money.

Did you find any favorites in the post? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 




New to my fragrance collection

Hey guys!

The sun is shining brightly, and I’m soon about to go to work again. For not being supposed to work full time it feels like I do nothing but work at the moment. But tomorrow, finally, I have a day off and as that wasn’t enough the football season starts as well! Feels like I’ve been waiting forever for that!

Yesterday I got the opportunity to buy some perfumes for half price of the store price. That’s something I love, but tend to not buy since they are quite expensive. I fell for three smells that I brought home. (Unfortunately one of them wasn’t the same as the one I was smelling in the store, but when I got over the disappointment I grew to like the one I got as well. Lesson learned; Look at the bottle and not just at the box the bottle’s in when you smell a test.)

Downtown from Calvin Klein –  I actually tried this one in store a couple of weeks ago. I liked it, but decided to walk around in it for a couple of hours to see if I would feel comfortable in it (which I always do if I’m about to pay full price for a perfume). I did love it, but the shopping spree took another turn and we never got back to the store again. I’ve been looking for it since! (It must be faith that brought it to me to a much lower price)

The perfume is described sophisticated and feminine, with a confident edge. I could buy that perfume from just that description.

Notes: Neroli Tunisia, Fresh Green Pear, Watery Plum, Gardenia Petals, Pink Peppercorn, Violet Leaf, Texan Cedarwood, Vetiver, Benzoin Laos Orpur, Musks

Si from Gioirgio Armani – My all time favorite perfume (so far) is Diamonds from Armani. I still do have some of that left, but want to buy a new one. They didn’t have that one where I got these perfumes, but my attention was instantly drawn to others from the same brand. I fell for this one and asked my mother to smell it. The reaction was instant: “Take it! It smells like you” Said and done, the perfume went into the basket.

When I was googeling this perfume to find out how it’s described I noticed that the opinions on this one seems to bee really different! Some really hates it, some loves it. I guess it’s one of those fragrances that actually comes off really different depending on the person wearing it.

The descriptions I found tends to relate it as an irresistible combination of grace, strength and independent spirit.

Notes: Blackcurrant nectar, modern chypre and blond wood musk with freesia and May rose.

Pure DKNY – This was the smell I think I got wrong. When I came home it smelled a lot like rose, and that is not a smell I’m usually really comfortable wearing. Too flowery scents just doesn’t feel like me. Since I wasn’t going anywhere I decided to try it on and see what it was like. Maybe I could figure out who to give it to… But I grew to like it and think it will be a nice fragrance for summer.

This one is described as straight forward but soft, sober and easy. A wonderful garden rose, without the heaviness of the garden rose. This is sounds like a pretty good explanation of why I like it even though it’s not what I normally falls for.

Notes: Turkish rose, blackcurrant, magnolia, cedar, verbena and vanilla

Have you ever used any of these fragrances? Do you like them?

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Outfit of the night

So, I’ve changed from my lovely dress that I wore at work (which I forgot to take photos of this morning, but don’t worry, I’ll wear it again) to pajamas! If you read my Liebster award post you might remember that I especially have a huge love for pajama pants. I’m now sitting here in my amazingly comfortable outfit waiting for the #bloggerschat to start on Twitter. I really enjoyed the chats last night, so when I found out there is another one tonight I really wanted to join. I really should be going to bed, but as long as I’m prepared and just can crawl down under the covers afterwards it’s okay.

Since I love my pj’s so much and my outfits posts are among my most read,  I thought, why not show you what I’m wearing tonight?

Robe and pants are from Ralph Lauren. The robe has been in my possession for a year now, and the pants were a Christmas gift to me from my dog. (He’s amazing at buying me gifts. I always get EXACTLY what I want!) The shirt is from Calvin Klein and made in modal, which is an amazing fabric for sleepwear. It’s so incredible soft! Last of all I’m wearing my fluffy slippers. It has become quite cold again, and not very spring like, so I need to warm my feet up.

Hope to see you in the chat soon, or maybe hear a word from you if you found my blog through the chat?

Take care!

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Details of the day

I didn’t have time to clean the mirror this morning, and the sun really shows the lack of cleaning, and I didn’t have anyone to help me take pictures of today’s outfit. Blogging is one of those small things in life  that I really enjoy, so I couldn’t not make a post for today. The details of an outfit is also quite important to me, so for today that’s what the post will be about today.
For my friend at the hospital things are looking even better today, and they are slowly preparing to wake him up. Keep your fingers crossed for him  for a few more  days until we know for sure everything is all right!
Let’s get back to those details. 
  • New season leo tights from work (Twilfit) 
  • Nail polish from Calvin Klein (71302 Sheer sparkle)
  • Ring inherited from my Grandmother
  • Shamballa style bracelets (Home made)
  • Bling stud earrings from Primark

A parcel from the States

Hi again,

When I got home today there was a parcel waiting for me outside the door. As I may have mentioned in a previous post, I work in a store that sells underwear. It’s easy to get your favorites, but in a small country as Sweden the range of products isn’t as large as if you give a look to the west. When I found some of my absolute favorites in colors that is not available here, me and my colleagues had to try them out and today they were delivered.

Two of my favorite brands are Calvin Klein and Elle MacPherson Intimates. If you, like me, need a quite small size around the back but a larger cup EMI is top notch. Before I came across EMI i thought that these sizes were only made in practical and basic garments. Now I can get a steady and comfortable bra, with gorgeous designs and other colors than white, black and beige!

Calvin Klein is not to think about if you have a fuller bust, but the Bottoms Up hipsters are to die for. They are very comfy and have no thick seams so there won’t be much visible lines under tight pieces of clothing. Not to mention the AWESOME colors, new ones to arrive all the time. The colors I found this time is so me, so I just couldn’t leave the page without making sure I  got some in the shopping trolley.