Patterns and colours

Soon time to go to work. I only work three hours, which is quite nice. Almost the whole day to do something else, and get double payed since it’s Sunday so it does some difference on the pay check. Think I might drag my mother to a furniture shop after work. I want to buy another shoe shelf and maybe a drawer to organize my makeup a bit better. We’ll see about that.

Today I go for a simple black outfit, matching it with patterned tights and bright orange nails. The tights are from Twilfit (not from this season, but we do have quite similar now as well so they will work). the Nail polish is from Xantier, one of the brands I found in Thailand. The ring was a Christmas gift (maybe 2012) from my sister, so I don’t know where it’s from.

Enjoy the day and I might be back tonight!

Outfit of the day – Black and White

About to run of to work in a few minutes, but I thought I’d have time for an Outfit of the day post. Tonight (or maybe tomorrow, since I might be too tired after working closing hours) I’ll be doing the Liebster award that I was nominated to. It made my day to wake up to that!

Dress was a Supermarket find in Thailand. One of my
absolute favorites. Cardigan from Primark. 40 den leggings

Shoes from Thailand. Really love the fact that I found a pair of ballerinas
that works for my thin, but long, feet!

Ring from Topshop. Favorite accessory at the moment.

As always, my beloved bracelets. If you like them you have the chance
to get your own in my giveaway here.

Details of the day

I didn’t have time to clean the mirror this morning, and the sun really shows the lack of cleaning, and I didn’t have anyone to help me take pictures of today’s outfit. Blogging is one of those small things in life  that I really enjoy, so I couldn’t not make a post for today. The details of an outfit is also quite important to me, so for today that’s what the post will be about today.
For my friend at the hospital things are looking even better today, and they are slowly preparing to wake him up. Keep your fingers crossed for him  for a few more  days until we know for sure everything is all right!
Let’s get back to those details. 
  • New season leo tights from work (Twilfit) 
  • Nail polish from Calvin Klein (71302 Sheer sparkle)
  • Ring inherited from my Grandmother
  • Shamballa style bracelets (Home made)
  • Bling stud earrings from Primark


Good morning! 
The time difference between Sweden and Thailand has given me brand new routines. I’m normally a night person, but now I wake up early in the morning (without alarm clock) and can barely stay awake after dinner. Interesting to see how long it will be like this.
Today’s details looks like this.
Batman earrings from Thailand
Shamballa style bracelets made by me 

Ring inherited from Grandma. Nail polish Sheene in color P13