New in – Shoes

I had a short day at work the other day, so my mother and sister came to the shopping center where I work for a little shopping spree, with the main goal to find birthday presents to my dad. I ended up buying nothing to him and few things for myself. (Don’t worry, I gave him a homemade gift card for a concert so it wasn’t an empty handed birthday.)

Since I’ve been working quite a lot this week, and will run of to work again soon, I haven’t had time to take pictures of everything yet, so I’ll just split it up into more than one post.

Today I want to show you a pair of shoes I found. I mostly just wear black shoes (if it’s not converse), but I’ve been walking past this for a few days now and haven’t been able to get them of my mind. Not only that I think they look gorgeous by themselves, just look how great they look with the bag I got in Thailand!

I found the shoes in the Swedish shoe store Din Sko (which means Your Shoe). They were on sale for 199 SEK (about $31 or £19). Very good price if you ask me!

I just couldn’t help it…

I have a day of from work, so me and my sister went to the city. I was going to pick up my season ticket for football (or soccer if you prefer that, but I’ll stick to using football). Picking up that little card, with all the expectations it brings, is one of the best days of the year for me. Almost like Christmas!

When that was done we went to have some lunch and then do some shopping. I had decided to buy the lip scrub from Lush. We don’t have Lush at the shopping center where I work, so I don’t get the opportunity to go there very often. Guess what they told me when I got there? “They are sold out, but we’ll get new ones tomorrow.” Imagine the disappointment! How can they not have a single one? I would have taken any taste! Hope I can find some time to go back soon!

I wasn’t supposed to buy anything else, but as usual I couldn’t keep my fingers away from some things. And when I think about it, I really needed new jeans, so I had a good reason. At least for one of the things I got.

The shoes are from Din Sko (Swedish shoe store) Everything else is from Gina Tricot. The socks were a free gift since I’m half way through a stamp card. Check out the closeup on the nail polish! Isn’t it awesome?