Christmas Inspiration | Gift Wrapping


We’re getting closer and closer to Christmas, and the past few days I’ve been spending quite a lot of time on the gift wrapping. This is something I love to do and put quite some effort to every year. Some more advanced than others. I tend to buy quite a lot of gifts, and this year I have my boyfriend and his family to gift to, so there is a few gifts under my tiny tree.

If you’re not done with all your wrapping yet, and needs some inspiration to get going, this post is for you. I haven’t taken pictures of all my gifts, but I have collected some to show. I am not the person that uses one or two different kinds of papers to make it all match under the Christmas tree (it never would anyway with six people putting their presents there). I like to mix match and give every gift their own identity. Enjoy the pictures, and if you’re interested, read my thoughts bellow.

1. I love using miniature ornaments on my gifts. It’s an easy way to show extra effort. If you look carefully at the picture you will also see a golden net under the red ribbon. One of my favorite wrappings this year.
2. I like to save small pieces of paper from other presents to use as a mat under the ribbon. An easy, and cheap way, to give the gift an extra touch.
3. Sometimes less is more. Just a little bit of ribbon, to show the beautiful paper with the reindeer.
4. Again, less is more. Just a simple bow to go with the old fashion Santa paper. 
5. No Christmas without glitter! Sometimes I like to go out of the box and not only use the traditional colours. This year I had no choice when I found that beautiful bling ribbon, and blue and pink where the only colours left.
6. Old fashion is beautiful. Here the traditional brown paper with God Jul (Merry Christmas) printed on it. 
7. Another way to wrap the ribbon around the gift. Still with focus on the really cute paper.
8. I always have to make one very special gift for my sister to open up. It’s tradition! This year with double mats under the ribbon, laces and ornaments. I’m sure she’ll like it.
9. The last gift was actually wrapped about three years ago. It was my contribution to the Christmas gift game. My Grandmother decided this was her gift and worked really hard to win it. She did, saved the box, put a present in it and gave it back to me for my birthday in September the following year. For Christmas I filled it up again and gave it back to her. We’ve been doing this ever since. It’s getting a bit nagged, but that’s part of the charm.
What do you think? Do you have a favorite from the ones above? Or a nice idea to share? 
Let me know in the comments! 

Our adventures

Hi there!

I’ve always loved crafting, but the past few years it has pretty much been packed up in boxes since I’ve had so much else going on. Recently I’ve been falling back into old habits a bit and enjoy my little crafting corner again.

Me and M both loves to travel, and M has a job that makes it possible for us to get around the world as long as our employers gives us a few days off every now and then, which they seem willing to do most of the time. This fall we’re planning trips to San Francisco, Madrid and New York, and in January when the Christmas stress and sales at work are over we want to go to Iceland for a weekend to recharge.

These two little hobbies ended up in a little notebook, to keep notes needed for the trips and save memories. The first trip to Prague in July already has it’s place in here.

Shamballa style bracelets

Tomorrow morning we’re going to have a meeting with one of our suppliers at work. The girl that’s coming is really sweet and stop by more than any of our suppliers do, and when she does she is always very helpful and stays to fix with their things in the store. We want to show her that we appreciates this, so my boss asked me to do a bracelet to give to her. I made my Shamballa style bracelets to everyone at work for Christmas, which was very popular. 

The bracelet on the top is for her, and the other one is my boss’s that I took home to fix.