Exciting news

Greetings people!

Today I’ve got some really exciting news to share. For a while now I’ve been feeling I need to do something else than just work work work. Something that will be a step forward good for my personal development. I found that close to where I live there was an education that I would love to take part in. Last week I got an okay from my boss to have one day extra off every week, and yesterday a confirmation of my acceptance showed up in my mail box.

The 20th of January I will be attending my first lesson on a six weeks education to be a diplomaed Makeup-specialist. Overly excited about this, and really wished it would start tomorrow! I really look forward to do something that I love doing, and see what this education will bring for my future career.

Now that I’ve shared these lovely news I will get back do my happy dance that has been going on for a while now!


Bekräftelse is Swedish for confirmation