Christmas Spirit

Hey guys!

Long time no see. A few months back I said yes to an opportunity to develop my company and since then a lot of doors opened and all my awake time has been dedicated to these projects. I’ve been working at events, planning events and attending to events to learn more about what possibilities I have with this. It has been stressful, but fun and worthwhile. You’ll probably find out more about this if you continue to follow me here, but today I want to do something different.

Even though November and December always seems to be the most stressful time of the year for me, I’m a big fan of Christmas and the season fills me with a happy spirit, despite all stress that I’m not able to avoid.

Yesterday Martin and I,¬†both took a day off to celebrate his birthday and decided to spend it on a Christmas market and do some shopping for our first Christmas in the new flat. The Christmas tree will have to wait for a few more weeks, but some Advent decorations was in place. I’m keeping today’s post short and just share some pictures of the Christmas spirit that’s spreading around our home at the moment.

Christmas Spirit

Have you made any Christmas posts yet? Post your links in the comments. I’d love to read them!¬†

Almost a room tour

Another day of from work. Kind of nice not to work too much this week. I’ve had enough to think about anyway. Today I’ve taken care of everything I planed to do last weekend, but never did. Love having everything clean and tidied up around me. I hate cleaning though, which is not the best combo.

I was planning to take pictures to give you a little room tour. I had forgotten to charge the battery in my camera, so it kind of died before I got all the way around. At least I can give you what we managed to catch before he needed a rest.

Almost wish I could go to bed right away

Found a nice place for the invitation to my friend’s
Some of the make up brushes needed some cleaning as well.

In my room


Finally a day where I got home before closing time at work. Unfortunately not before sunset, which I was hoping for. But, tomorrow I’ve got a day off so I will get a chance to try out my camera in daylight for the first time. It’s also the last day off from work before I go to Thailand, so I have plenty to do tomorrow. Will start packing, exchange some money and buy some magazines for the flight. If I have time left I plan for some pamper time so I get to relax a little and get freshened up for another week at work.

Today’s pictures are of things in my room. Might be a few more pictures on that theme in the future. I just happen to like things in here.