Outfit of the day


It’s my time of the year again! Even though I long for every season of the year when it’s about to change, I must say I’m defiantly a fall girl. I love when it’s a bit chilly outside, and I can stay in for a cup of tea and light candles, or dress up in a scarf and jacket and go outside for a walk without getting to warm. And when it comes to clothes this is also my time of the year. Our store is quite cold, so the whole summer I’ve had to put clothes on when I get in, and take it off when I go out. Now it’s the other way around, as it’s supposed to be. The colours now are more my cup of tea as well.

When I was sick last week I treated myself to internet shopping and a new dress for the season to come. It arrived the other day, and I found it to be perfect with the new tights from work. I also got to use one of my favorite nail polishes, that has been a bit to dark for summer.

Dress – Anna Field, Cardigan – Primark, Tights- Twilfit, Nail polish – IsaDora Sugar Nails 108 Wine Crush 

Yesterday’s shopping

Woke up 6:02 this morning, trying to turn off my alarm clock. Turned out it wasn’t the alarm, but the phone ringing. My boss called telling me she was sick and asked me to start working earlier. I said good bye to my short day and went in for the longest day possible, opening till closing. I also get to go in a few hours earlier tomorrow. But the work I do now will pay off before I go to London and that thought makes it a lot easier. And besides, I do like my job so even if it’s a lot right now, I do have a lot of fun doing it as well.

As promised, pictures of some of the shopping I did yesterday. The clothes didn’t look as good on a hanger, so they might show up on outfit posts in the future.

Can’t just pass Lush without a visit. I’ve wanted to try the lip scrub for a while to see if it’s worth the hype. Also found a T for toes, which I think might be good since I wear shoes for hours every day. It’s supposed to be good for abrasions and with new shoes I hope that will be helpful. 
A friend to my sister has the luxury to work at Lush and treated us with a test on the cleanser Let the good times roll. The look and the smell makes it feel like you scrub your face with cookie dough. Leaves the skin nice and smooth! 

This Saturday I went to a dinner with my friend who’s moving now. While I was waiting for her I stopped by a store and fell in love with this bag. Yesterday when I got back to have a second look at it they had 10% off. Not much, but I chose to see it as a sign and that we were meant to be.

Got some essentials with nail polish remover, cleanser and a base coat from IsaDora. I also had to try their new gel lacquer, which I’m very excited to try. That was a project for this morning, but I never really got the time. I’ll save it for tomorrow night. 

Last but not least, two pairs of shoes. Think they both will be good for work, since they don’t have high heels, but still aren’t completely flat. Also I wanted something comfortable without and still a bit classy looking. The shoes at the bottom seemed perfect for that! The sandals were mostly because they had an offer to buy one pair and get the second pair for half price. I really do like the wedge heel because that makes them nice to walk in and would be good at work as well, now that the spring and summer is approaching.

That’s it for tonight. Hope to be able to catch up on all the blogs I’ve missed tomorrow!

New Sugar Nails by Isadora

Working at a shopping center means loads of risk of impulse shopping. Some better than others. While I was waiting for the bus this Friday I stopped by at Cubus and found the new Spring colors on Isadora’s Sugar Nails collection. I could just not help myself from buying one of them and my choice fell on the green one. It reminds me of pear ice cream and just feels spring all the way for me! Isn’t it beautiful? 

Isadora Sugar Nails in color 133 Macaron


Hi there!

Tonight I will show you another nail polish in my collection. This is my newest one, and I love it, the Isadora Holographic! It sparkles really nicely and you get a nice texture. The first time I wore it I could have it for five days straight without chipping. That’s really good considering how much I use my hands at work, with unpacking, getting clothes on hangers and so on. Thumbs up for the hold!

Further on I love the look. And not just me. I get a lot of compliments from both colleagues, friends and even costumers. I was talking to a girl at the cash disk while I was wrapping up her things, and she just grabbed my hand starting to feel the nails. She told me they were gorgeous and asked me where I get them done. She practically ran out from our store when I told her it was just nail polish and that she could buy it just next door.

The only thing that isn’t 100% is that it’s quite hard to get it to cover the nails as much as I want. The glitter gets stuck on the brush quite easily and won’t apply to your nail. With some practise and stubbornness it is possible though, an since it lasts that long I think it’s totally worth it.

Isadora Holographic in the color 872 Jet Setter

Sugar crush

I’m going to show you one of my favourite beauty products, all time! The Isadora’s Sugar Crush nail polish. I love the matt, yet sparkly effect. Wearing this I often get compliments from costumers in the store. On the picutre I’m using the colour 108 Wine crush. This goes along well with most of the clothes in my closet right now. It’s a sober colour that tones all the glitter down a bit. For a “wine” colour I could wish for a slightly more red tone, but I’m still loving it.

Isadora Sugar crush, colour 108 Wine crush