Outfit of the day

The sun is shining, I have the weekend of and today my favorite football team in the whole world is playing today. I woke up before the alarm clock and felt more alert and happier than I can remember doing in a really long time. And I’ve been feeling great lately, so I can’t even believe the joy and the happy feelings running around in my body right now.

I’m soon to leave the house to go see the game and tonight two of my best friends are coming for some dinner and movies. This day has all the opportunities to be awesome!

The other outfits I’ve shown you in this blog has been for work, so I thought I should take a picture of what I’m wearing today, when I don’t have to dress up. Just a simple and comfortable outfit for everyday life.

Jeans from Gina Tricot. The sweater was a Christmas gift from my brother, but I think it is from JC.

Outfit of the day

The outfit of  the day posts seems quite popular. Both post have sailed up to the top on the view list. So, here we go again!

Today I’m wearing a lace skirt from JC, a golden tank top from Gina Tricot. That top can be the oldest garment in my closet, but after 8 years (I think. I know I wore it on a school photo) I still love it, so it will hang on for a while longer. The cardigan is from Primark, and one of the most used garment in the closet. Tights 120 den. Necklace from Topshop (check out the OOTD-post from yesterday for a closeup)

Now; Time to run of to work!

Good morning!

So yesterday was a busy day. Went up quite early, called the insurance company about a bill I got for something I never signed up for. Apparently I got a letter a few month ago telling me to contact them if I wasn’t interested in the offer. I don’t really like when they do it that way. If I AM interested, then I’ll contact them. That’s how I think it should work. They cancelled it and promised I didn’t have to pay, so that’s over now.

As soon as that was done I went to meet my best friend one last time before we both go on our trips and adventures. She will be working as a show artist for a travelling company, so she will be abroad for a few months (we don’t know where yet). I know time will run away and it won’t seem that long, but it’s always a bit sad when you know for sure you won’t see each other for a while. Hopefully I will be able to visit her for a few days later on. Keep your fingers crossed!

When we had had our lunch it was time for me to go to work for a few hours. I came to a really messy store and two colleagues that was recovering from some panic. New week and new month means a lot of work, and on top of that we had huge deliveries! I’m going in a few hours earlier today to help get everything straighten up.

Today will bring work, and hopefully I will get a few things done for the trip. One of my colleagues were kind enough to switch time with me tomorrow so I will get home a few hours earlier to do all the last minute things.

Outfit of the day. Pants from H&M, top from JC.
Close up on the necklace. My favorite! (from e-bay)