Workout Playlist

Hey guys,

A few weeks ago I and Martin decided it was time to make some changes in our everyday life. No more candy and sodas on an everyday basis and at least three visits at the gym a week. So far we’re doing quite well, and I’m happy to see improvement on the cross trainer. One thing that is really important to me when I work out is the music I’m listening to. That music is truly far from what I usually listen to, but my music taste is way to smooth and slow for a sweaty hour at the gym. Today I thought I’d pick ten of the songs that makes me pump up the pace a bit from the workout playlist to share with you. Some of them are connected to a special memory, some of them just gives me extra adrenaline. In no particular order;


Top from Rönnisch, pants from SOC

Do you have any workout favourites? I’d love to get some inspiration for my playlist!


Musician for a sister

Hey guys!
Today I want you to meet the very talented sister of mine. She is one of my closest friends, and even though we do piss each other off every now and then, there’s nothing we can’t talk about. She is working really hard with her music to be able to live her dream one day. 
Enjoy the video I’m sharing with you today, and feel free to spread the love to her to. I know she’ll appreciate it!

February favorites

Today’s favorite is free for all to enjoy! This time it’s a song that I just happened to listen a lot to in Thailand, that now makes me happy whenever I hear it. It makes me feel like the sun is warming me, even though it’s freezing here. Instead of a cold bus I see myself on a sun lounger on the beach.

Ladies and gents, I give you James Blunt and Bonfire Heart!