New York Shopping

Hey guys!

Wow! Time really flies by. Can’t believe we’re in the middle of April already. I have written so many blogposts in my head lately and I actually got really surprised when I noticed I hadn’t posted anything in nearly four months. As always it’s something I’ve really been missing and I’ve promised myself to take up on it more times than I can count.

When Martin got his schedule for spring we noticed he had a few days off in April, so we decided I should take some vacation too and make a trip somewhere. We had London, Prague and Toronto on the list but couldn’t really make up our mind. Last Saturday we decided for New York instead and caught a plane the morning after. Since we only had about three and a half day and have been to New York we decided not to do too much sightseeing and spend more time shopping. (Do I have the best boyfriend ever, to agree on such priorities, or what?) Curious to find out what I brought home? Here we go…

Gap Levis Hillfiger

I hate buying new jeans. I struggle to find a fit I like and when I do they are usually crazy expensive. Oh, the happiness when I found these high waist skinny Levi’s jeans for about a third of the price at home.

The beige cardigan is from Tommy Hilfiger. I think it will look great with a simpler dress or with jeans. Perfect for chilly summer nights when a warm jacket isn’t needed.

I love the zip hoodies from GAP. I tend to run around in them at work, so I was in great need of a new one. The pockets are my keys and my phone as I run around in the building, it’s easy to just pull off or open up if I get to warm during a treatment without interrupting the work too much and it fits to the surroundings as my salon is placed at a gym.

Calvin Klein

These tops from Calvin Klein are an absolute favorite since before. Last time I was in New York I got five of them, and was happy to see them in new patterns and colours. Perfect timing to go during spring this time and get them in brighter colours, as I went during fall last time. Works for every occasion, with either jeans or a skirt.


This dress from Guess was a great find! For only $20 at Woodbury Commons I found it nice enough to just hang in the closet until I find an opportunity to wear it. I find it to be more of a fall/winter dress so it might take a while, but it looked nice and was cheap so I just couldn’t leave it. Loving the asymmetric skirt!

Michael Kors

This dress from Michael Kors basically screams my name. It’s a nice and simple fit, with some lovely details, just how I want my perfect (easy wearable) dress. There’s a risk I’ll use this dress too much, making people think it’s the only thing I own! Or not wear it enough because I’m afraid to trash it…


These shoes are probably my favorites from this trips shopping. Loving the fancier looking sneaker style. They will be perfect for everyday use and for a little bit dressier moments too. Maybe I wouldn’t wear them with a sequins dress, but there are most certain dresses in my closet that will go with these for a dinner with friends or a night out with Martin.

Lancome Anastasia Urban decay

Believe it or not, but there wasn’t much beauty shopping this time. Probably because my eye lids got so dry and itchy after the fly I could barely use makeup during the trip. (Hence no inspiration) At least I found a great deal on the Grandiôse mascara from Lanôme, which is my all time favorite, in a pack with their Cils Booster XL mascara base. I also got the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I’ve read a lot of positive reviews on this one and couldn’t resist the curiosity to try. Lastly I got a Liquid Lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills in the colour Craft, which I’m also curious to try out.

My budget was a bit tighter this time than during my last visit in New York, but somehow I find that positive. This time I only got things that I know I will get a lot of use out off and I think I did quite a good job getting nice things for the money.

Did you find any favorites in the post? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 




Date night outfit feat. Dresslink

Hey guys!

It’s time for the last Dresslink post for now. As I wrote in the last post I got a dress from them as well. Since it’s Saturday I thought I’d share it as some inspiration for a date night look.

I’m still working on getting comfortable with these full figure shots. I still have a long way to go, but at least this time I didn’t delete as many pictures right away as I usually do. The clothes are great, but I think the most I have to thank Dresslink for is the fact that the opportunity to work with them made me get in front of the camera starting to take outfit pictures, without it being a “phone/camera in the hand in front of a mirror”-picture.

Dresslink Dress

This dress was slightly big for me, but nothing two pieces of Hollywood Fashion Tape in the neckline couldn’t fix. (If you don’t own this wonderful invention you should get running for it immediately after reading this post. It’s a double sided tape that doesn’t affect fabric and skin, and is perfect for deep cleavages, hiding bra straps and a lot more)

This dress is just the type of dresses I love. A bit of cleavage, which slims the body a bit if you have big breasts. It’s tight enough to show the curves, but draped nicely to hide a bit of the tummy. I also love the asymmetrical skirt. I haven’t really fallen for the midi skirt trend yet, but as this dress is a bit shorter on one side I like it anyway.

The dress can be found here, for only $6,04 at the moment.

On the pictures I’ m wearing it with flat ballerinas from Primark and an old bolero from Gina Tricot, that is an absolute favorite. It’s very thin and works great with every dress if you just want to cover up your arms a bit.

For makeup I chose a very soft smokey eye and a berry lipstick to add a bit of colour and some autumn feelings.

On Monday I’m going to Paris with Martin for a short trip. I will schedule a post to come up while I’m gone. In that post I’ll tell you about something I’ve been up to lately and share something that inspires me while I do what I do.

What do you think of the outfit posts I’ve been doing lately? Would you like to see more of these? 


* This dress was sent to me by Dresslink but all opinions are my own and true to my experience.

Outfit of the day feat. Dresslink

Hi there!

A while ago I posted a wishlist with lovely clothes from Dresslink*, and as I mentioned there they have sent me some of their clothes to try. I now have one of their tops and one dress from their collection. You’ll get to see the top in this post, but you’ll have to wait a little longer for the dress.

Now that we’ve moved I have better opportunities to take full figure photos of myself, and I’m hoping to post more outfit posts during the fall. Bare with me though, I’m not really comfortable in front of the camera this way yet, but I’m working on it.

Dresslink top (2)


I really love wrap-around tops so this was an easy pick for me as I browsed the Dresslink website. The front of the top is a bit see-trough so I preferably wear it with a tank top underneath. The arms and back is made from a more opaque, really soft fabric, that makes the top really comfortable to wear. You can find it here for only $3.77 and it comes in both black, grey and apricot. I think a visit at Dresslink will be well worth it.

Today I matched the top with my favorite jeans from Even & Odd, that I found on Zalando Outlet in Berlin, and shoes from New Look that I think I’ve had for at least four years now.

Hope you enjoyed the post!

How would you match this top? Would you like to see more outfit posts like this one?
I’d love to hear your comments! 


*The top was sent to me by Dresslink, but all opinions are my own and true to my experience.

New in – Shoes

I had a short day at work the other day, so my mother and sister came to the shopping center where I work for a little shopping spree, with the main goal to find birthday presents to my dad. I ended up buying nothing to him and few things for myself. (Don’t worry, I gave him a homemade gift card for a concert so it wasn’t an empty handed birthday.)

Since I’ve been working quite a lot this week, and will run of to work again soon, I haven’t had time to take pictures of everything yet, so I’ll just split it up into more than one post.

Today I want to show you a pair of shoes I found. I mostly just wear black shoes (if it’s not converse), but I’ve been walking past this for a few days now and haven’t been able to get them of my mind. Not only that I think they look gorgeous by themselves, just look how great they look with the bag I got in Thailand!

I found the shoes in the Swedish shoe store Din Sko (which means Your Shoe). They were on sale for 199 SEK (about $31 or £19). Very good price if you ask me!


I used to be quite comfortable in high heels, but unfortunately that has changed. I’m working on changing that now, so I put a pair of heels at work so I can walk around in them for at least a few hours everyday. The goal is to be able to wear a nice pair of high heels at my friend’s wedding in the end of June.

The biggest reason I don’t trip around in my old beauties is that I discovered Converse. It was about nine years ago when I started a new school and chose to be in a music class that these shoes came to my attention. They were very popular (I think everyone in my class owned a pair, most of them didn’t use anything else). It wasn’t a choice for me not to try them. Once I did I was hooked. I have quite a few different colours and patterns by now. Not sure yet if the collection will grow this season though. That depends on how my high heel-project end up.
Last year’s addition to the collection