New York Shopping

Hey guys!

Wow! Time really flies by. Can’t believe we’re in the middle of April already. I have written so many blogposts in my head lately and I actually got really surprised when I noticed I hadn’t posted anything in nearly four months. As always it’s something I’ve really been missing and I’ve promised myself to take up on it more times than I can count.

When Martin got his schedule for spring we noticed he had a few days off in April, so we decided I should take some vacation too and make a trip somewhere. We had London, Prague and Toronto on the list but couldn’t really make up our mind. Last Saturday we decided for New York instead and caught a plane the morning after. Since we only had about three and a half day and have been to New York we decided not to do too much sightseeing and spend more time shopping. (Do I have the best boyfriend ever, to agree on such priorities, or what?) Curious to find out what I brought home? Here we go…

Gap Levis Hillfiger

I hate buying new jeans. I struggle to find a fit I like and when I do they are usually crazy expensive. Oh, the happiness when I found these high waist skinny Levi’s jeans for about a third of the price at home.

The beige cardigan is from Tommy Hilfiger. I think it will look great with a simpler dress or with jeans. Perfect for chilly summer nights when a warm jacket isn’t needed.

I love the zip hoodies from GAP. I tend to run around in them at work, so I was in great need of a new one. The pockets are my keys and my phone as I run around in the building, it’s easy to just pull off or open up if I get to warm during a treatment without interrupting the work too much and it fits to the surroundings as my salon is placed at a gym.

Calvin Klein

These tops from Calvin Klein are an absolute favorite since before. Last time I was in New York I got five of them, and was happy to see them in new patterns and colours. Perfect timing to go during spring this time and get them in brighter colours, as I went during fall last time. Works for every occasion, with either jeans or a skirt.


This dress from Guess was a great find! For only $20 at Woodbury Commons I found it nice enough to just hang in the closet until I find an opportunity to wear it. I find it to be more of a fall/winter dress so it might take a while, but it looked nice and was cheap so I just couldn’t leave it. Loving the asymmetric skirt!

Michael Kors

This dress from Michael Kors basically screams my name. It’s a nice and simple fit, with some lovely details, just how I want my perfect (easy wearable) dress. There’s a risk I’ll use this dress too much, making people think it’s the only thing I own! Or not wear it enough because I’m afraid to trash it…


These shoes are probably my favorites from this trips shopping. Loving the fancier looking sneaker style. They will be perfect for everyday use and for a little bit dressier moments too. Maybe I wouldn’t wear them with a sequins dress, but there are most certain dresses in my closet that will go with these for a dinner with friends or a night out with Martin.

Lancome Anastasia Urban decay

Believe it or not, but there wasn’t much beauty shopping this time. Probably because my eye lids got so dry and itchy after the fly I could barely use makeup during the trip. (Hence no inspiration) At least I found a great deal on the Grandiôse mascara from Lanôme, which is my all time favorite, in a pack with their Cils Booster XL mascara base. I also got the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I’ve read a lot of positive reviews on this one and couldn’t resist the curiosity to try. Lastly I got a Liquid Lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills in the colour Craft, which I’m also curious to try out.

My budget was a bit tighter this time than during my last visit in New York, but somehow I find that positive. This time I only got things that I know I will get a lot of use out off and I think I did quite a good job getting nice things for the money.

Did you find any favorites in the post? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 




Fashion Outlet of Chicago

When we decided to go to USA we were recommended to go to a Premium outlet. We had our eyes on one in San Francisco, but since we didn’t end up there we had to rethink that plan. We asked our friend Google if he knew a place in Chicago and was told to go to Aurora. Good thing, we thought, but wasn’t sure how to get there. We found a tourist information and went in to ask for help. The lady we met told us that they had opened up an outlet center close to the airport, and that it was a lot easier to go to than the one in Aurora. The center was called Fashion outlets of Chicago, which is why we didn’t find it googeling Premium outlets.

From city center we took the train from Clark Lane to O’Hare, and a shuttle bus to the outlet. When we got back home we found out that you could take the train to Rosemont instead and get a free shuttle. We paid about $20 for our shuttle.

The center has 130 stores, which is quite a lot compared to the malls I’m used to at home. And the prices are not to talk about. USA is really cheap compared to Sweden to start with, and with all these sales I can tell you I was in heaven!

To give you a hint about the prices in USA compared to Sweden, I bought a shirt for my brother that he has been looking at here. I didn’t buy it at the outlet, and it wasn’t on sale, but still it was less than half price of what I would have to pay here.

When we arrived we went to the information desk because we wanted to buy Green Saving cards with additional discounts. As we told them we were from Sweden we got the cards for free (instead of $5/each) if we could show our ID-cards, proving we were visitors. Most discouts were something like “additional 10% off if you shop for $100”. We did use quite a lot of those discounts, so they would have payed off, even if we hadn’t got them for free.

We arrived around 11a.m. and left after 6p.m. And we did some great findings! Brands that I would never be able to buy at home, to prices that I usually spend. US Polo and Calvin Klein became the stores that we opened up our wallets to the most. Did some fantastic deals there. If I did have to pick my absolute favorite from the outlet I think it would be my DKNY “cozy”, a cardigan that you can wrap in several different ways. Original price on the price tag was $175, I paid around $50, including taxes.

We found the center big enough to have everything we wanted, but not too big so we were able to check out all the stores and still go back if we realized we missed something. There was a big food court so it wasn’t any trouble finding a place to sit when you needed a break.

We would really recommend going to this outlet center, especially if you’re used to European prizes. Keep in mind though, that this is the first one I visit and have nothing really to compare with. We will for sure go back there next time we go to Chicago.




Yesterday’s shopping

Woke up 6:02 this morning, trying to turn off my alarm clock. Turned out it wasn’t the alarm, but the phone ringing. My boss called telling me she was sick and asked me to start working earlier. I said good bye to my short day and went in for the longest day possible, opening till closing. I also get to go in a few hours earlier tomorrow. But the work I do now will pay off before I go to London and that thought makes it a lot easier. And besides, I do like my job so even if it’s a lot right now, I do have a lot of fun doing it as well.

As promised, pictures of some of the shopping I did yesterday. The clothes didn’t look as good on a hanger, so they might show up on outfit posts in the future.

Can’t just pass Lush without a visit. I’ve wanted to try the lip scrub for a while to see if it’s worth the hype. Also found a T for toes, which I think might be good since I wear shoes for hours every day. It’s supposed to be good for abrasions and with new shoes I hope that will be helpful. 
A friend to my sister has the luxury to work at Lush and treated us with a test on the cleanser Let the good times roll. The look and the smell makes it feel like you scrub your face with cookie dough. Leaves the skin nice and smooth! 

This Saturday I went to a dinner with my friend who’s moving now. While I was waiting for her I stopped by a store and fell in love with this bag. Yesterday when I got back to have a second look at it they had 10% off. Not much, but I chose to see it as a sign and that we were meant to be.

Got some essentials with nail polish remover, cleanser and a base coat from IsaDora. I also had to try their new gel lacquer, which I’m very excited to try. That was a project for this morning, but I never really got the time. I’ll save it for tomorrow night. 

Last but not least, two pairs of shoes. Think they both will be good for work, since they don’t have high heels, but still aren’t completely flat. Also I wanted something comfortable without and still a bit classy looking. The shoes at the bottom seemed perfect for that! The sandals were mostly because they had an offer to buy one pair and get the second pair for half price. I really do like the wedge heel because that makes them nice to walk in and would be good at work as well, now that the spring and summer is approaching.

That’s it for tonight. Hope to be able to catch up on all the blogs I’ve missed tomorrow!

A day off

Hey guys!

So last week was insanely busy as well, with work, work, dinner with friends and extra work. Never thought today would come, but it did and I got my day off. The weather has been a amazing the whole weekend and today I got the chance to enjoy it. I decided to bring my sister to the city.

We had a great day, eating lunch by the canal, doing some spring shopping, trying out a FroYo place we’ve never visited. Back at home I took the doggie out for a long walk in the sun, just enjoying the weather. Wish I could have another day off tomorrow, but then it’s back to work again.

I must say I’m so happy to read all your nice comments here, and it really inspiring me to get back on track again. That is the main reason I’m jumping in with a short post now, even though I won’t be able to show what was in my shopping bags until tomorrow. But at least I know what to do next! I’m also very excited to try, and review, one of the things in the bag. As if that wasn’t enough I got the new topic for Bloggers Do It better, and I think I have a plan for that one already to publish next week. I’m full of inspiration again, so hopefully I’ll be back on a more regular basis again soon.

Bright sun called for the big sunglasses. 
Come back tomorrow to find out what’s
inside the bags. 

I just couldn’t help it…

I have a day of from work, so me and my sister went to the city. I was going to pick up my season ticket for football (or soccer if you prefer that, but I’ll stick to using football). Picking up that little card, with all the expectations it brings, is one of the best days of the year for me. Almost like Christmas!

When that was done we went to have some lunch and then do some shopping. I had decided to buy the lip scrub from Lush. We don’t have Lush at the shopping center where I work, so I don’t get the opportunity to go there very often. Guess what they told me when I got there? “They are sold out, but we’ll get new ones tomorrow.” Imagine the disappointment! How can they not have a single one? I would have taken any taste! Hope I can find some time to go back soon!

I wasn’t supposed to buy anything else, but as usual I couldn’t keep my fingers away from some things. And when I think about it, I really needed new jeans, so I had a good reason. At least for one of the things I got.

The shoes are from Din Sko (Swedish shoe store) Everything else is from Gina Tricot. The socks were a free gift since I’m half way through a stamp card. Check out the closeup on the nail polish! Isn’t it awesome?


I was planning to save money for a while now after the trip, but when I got back to work I was told that the Topshop store at our shopping center is closing. It wasn’t optional to skip their sale, so it wasn’t my fault! There wasn’t much things left, but I did find a lovely sweater and some nice jewelry so I was happy!

Thailand Shopping

Hey there!

So as you may have figured I did quite a lot of shopping in Thailand. I decided to make two Youtube-hauls, one for beauty products and one for clothes, shoes and such. I couldn’t show everything there, so I’m making this blog post as wall to show you everything else. What’s posted here is not in the videos and the things in the videos are not shown here, so make sure to watch all of them if you want to see everything.

I will make a post with links to the hauls as soon as they are uploaded on Youtube.

This is what my bed looked like when I spread everything out
All of my Maybelline Baby Lips. 80-90 Baht each
100 baht for all
1. 150 baht 2. 79 baht 3. Free gift 4. Free gift. 5. 199 baht 6. 69 baht

1. 59 baht 2.199 baht 3. 59 baht 4+5. 59 baht 6. 150 baht 7. 49 baht
8.199 baht 9. 44 baht 10+11. 49 baht 12. 60 baht
1. 60 baht 2. 45 baht 3. 120 baht 4. 200 baht 5. 60 baht
6. 25 baht/each 7. 90 baht
1. 45 baht 2. 159 baht 3. 60 baht. 4. 60 baht 5. 30 baht 6. 60 baht
7. 60 baht 8. 200 baht

1. 19 baht 2. 19 baht 3. Four for 100 baht 3. Two for 60 baht

1. 60 baht 2. 22 baht 3. 27 baht 4. 60 baht 5. 60 baht 6. 21 baht

The Family tree

One of the days me and my sister went strolling a bit. I don’t really know what made me see it, but there was a tiny store that caught my eye. It was called The Family Tree. (Which felt special since we were in Thailand to visit our relatives) I told my sister I wanted to have a look inside so we went in. Inside we found every thing from soaps to jewelry and mugs. We met an old lady, and an Englishman. The Englishman told us that everything in the store was handmade from local produced raw materials. Parts of the profits made along with donations from costumers were used to plant trees to help the environment.

We found some soaps that smelled really nice and smelled them  all. The Englishman approached us again, this time with a story about the soaps. These were made of three women that lost their homes and everything they owned in a big fire. They were taught how to make soaps and sell them to earn money to get back on track with their lives again. This story really touched me so I was happy to buy both soaps and a salt scrub from them. I paid a total of 500 baht, including a small donation for the tree planting.
Salt scrub Vanilla, Honey & Ginger. Soaps Cinnamon & Milk, Vanilla, Honey & Ginger, Peppermint & Lemon

First day of shopping

Hi there!
Today was the first day of shopping for me and sis here in Hua hin. We went to the Market Village. We had lunch there yesterday, so we knew there were some things we wanted to have a look at. Before we went I had head that Thailand is cheap, but that things have become more expensive the past few years, so my expectations was cheap, but not too extremely cheap. But it’s insane! A few times we asked each other “Is this really right?” and some times we even asked for the price on marked things because we didn’t really believe in the price tag. 
This is a sneak peek of today’s shopping. I plan to do a summary, either in a blog post or as a Youtube video, when I get back home. So stay tuned if you want to see everything close up and know the prices (as far as I can remember then).