PJ Salvage

Hi there!

Long time no see. Things have been kind of crazy lately. Long stories short, we didn’t get the apartment we were looking at, I got sick during our trip to Madrid, two colleagues quit our job (which is quite a lot since we’re only five people in the staff) just before the Christmas sales are about to start and I found an education I want to take part that starts by the end of January. It’s fair to say my head has been ready to explode for a while now.

Since Christmas is around the corner, at least in the retail businesses, we get a lot of news to the store at the moment. A brand new brand for us is PJ Salvage, that makes adorable PJ’s. Cats, dogs, owls, elephants, cookies & milk. They all look lovely! And one of the best parts is that it’s delivered in a pizza box! Who can not fall for that?

Recently we reached a sales goal at work from one of our suppliers, and they were kind enough to let us pick a gift from one of their brands. I had fell in love with the elephant PJ’s, so for me the choice was easy. (Even though I did try the other ones as well, just to be really sure. And Oh, Lord it was a good choice! I’ve pretty much moved in to this lovely piece of clothing. The first thing I do as I get home in the evening is to jump into this one. Maybe I should invest in one more, so that I have one in each of my two homes… And my little fur ball, Max, would like you all to know that it’s totally cuddle approved.

On Friday me and M are going to New York! It has been one of my  biggest dreams since I was about 15 years old, and now it’s just a few days more until it comes true. Overly excited about that! Hit me with your best trip advises if you’ve been there!


Outfit of the night

So, I’ve changed from my lovely dress that I wore at work (which I forgot to take photos of this morning, but don’t worry, I’ll wear it again) to pajamas! If you read my Liebster award post you might remember that I especially have a huge love for pajama pants. I’m now sitting here in my amazingly comfortable outfit waiting for the #bloggerschat to start on Twitter. I really enjoyed the chats last night, so when I found out there is another one tonight I really wanted to join. I really should be going to bed, but as long as I’m prepared and just can crawl down under the covers afterwards it’s okay.

Since I love my pj’s so much and my outfits posts are among my most read,  I thought, why not show you what I’m wearing tonight?

Robe and pants are from Ralph Lauren. The robe has been in my possession for a year now, and the pants were a Christmas gift to me from my dog. (He’s amazing at buying me gifts. I always get EXACTLY what I want!) The shirt is from Calvin Klein and made in modal, which is an amazing fabric for sleepwear. It’s so incredible soft! Last of all I’m wearing my fluffy slippers. It has become quite cold again, and not very spring like, so I need to warm my feet up.

Hope to see you in the chat soon, or maybe hear a word from you if you found my blog through the chat?

Take care!

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