Testing: Avéne

I have a friend that works on a pharmacy, which is quite a good thing. Last time she was here to visit she gave me some products she had been given to test. They were both for dry and very sensitive skin. Since she have neither of that she said that the best way for her to evaluate them was to give them to someone that they could do some difference on. (In this case, ME!) So, I was asked to try them at let her know what I think. Of course I was happy to say yes to that. 

I’ve been trying XeraCalm a.d Body Lotion and Tolérance extême Cleansing Lotion
0% Preservative, 0% Paraben, 0% Fragrance, 0% Alcohol

Sounds quite good, doesn’t it? The cap is specially designed, so it’s impossible for bacteria to get into the tubes. Therefor they can exclude some ingredients that is good for the cream, but maybe best for your skin to skip if possible. 
I was given these creams last week, and immediately gave it a try. The body lotion is okay for both body and face, and since I’ve been having some really dry spots in my face lately I thought it would be perfect to start there. Hands and face are also where my skin is most sensitive and I most easily get rashes. 
I thought I would have to use at least the whole tubes before I could notice any big difference, but that wasn’t necessary (obviously, since I’m already writing this post). The cleanser is really effective and I haven’t had any trouble with rashes or irritation this time, which I easily get from cleansers. The dry spots is as good as gone already. The only thing that I find a bit boring is that they doesn’t smell anything, but on the other hand, they are hypoallergenic and you can’t always have it all! I will keep using the products, and it’s possible that I buy new ones once these are empty.
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5 thoughts on “Testing: Avéne

  1. Sounds wonderful to have a friend who works in a pharmacy :) I have also very sensitive and very dry skin. After taking a shower, my skin gets also very itchy. The reason why I don’t like to shower :)
    Have a nice week, Anna!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

    • Yeah, it’s perfect :) Oh, that sounds really bad! I used to have that problem when I was younger, but not anymore. Doesn’t it help to use hypoallergenic products?

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