The eagle has landed

We made it!

It was a very long trip, but finally we made it to Hua hin. The stop in Helsinki was really short, and to that point everything seemed to go fast, but then the long parts of the trip started. Helsinki-Bangkok took approximately nine hours. I watched a movie and a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory, but even that didn’t manage to entertain me for very long. I was really hoping to get some sleep but the Finnish guys behind me would never stop talking! One thing if you talk to the person next to you, but when you talk loud enough for everyone around you to hear, it drove me crazy! (Have in mind that I was really tired and that it isn’t to comfortable to sit in an airplane for that long. After the flight we had a two hour cab drive from Bangkok to Hua hin. They drive like crazy here!
Well here we met up with my grandmothers cousin and went to get something to eat. We ended up in one of the malls here, and let me tell you, from what I’ve seen so far it’s extremely cheap here and stuff looks good! No shopping jet though. We were way to tired for that! 
When we could check in at the hotel we all fell asleep immediately and slept for a few hours, so we didn’t get much done today. What we did do was to have some dinner and visit a supermarket. In my family we are fans of supermarkets abroad since there’s so much stuff we’ve never seen before.
Food here – awesome! Everything we’ve had so far is fantastic. Can’t wait for the next meal!
Short update today, bed is calling again! More adventures awaits for tomorrow.
Will try to upload pictures soon. The WiFi won’t allow it at the moment.

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