The Family tree

One of the days me and my sister went strolling a bit. I don’t really know what made me see it, but there was a tiny store that caught my eye. It was called The Family Tree. (Which felt special since we were in Thailand to visit our relatives) I told my sister I wanted to have a look inside so we went in. Inside we found every thing from soaps to jewelry and mugs. We met an old lady, and an Englishman. The Englishman told us that everything in the store was handmade from local produced raw materials. Parts of the profits made along with donations from costumers were used to plant trees to help the environment.

We found some soaps that smelled really nice and smelled them  all. The Englishman approached us again, this time with a story about the soaps. These were made of three women that lost their homes and everything they owned in a big fire. They were taught how to make soaps and sell them to earn money to get back on track with their lives again. This story really touched me so I was happy to buy both soaps and a salt scrub from them. I paid a total of 500 baht, including a small donation for the tree planting.
Salt scrub Vanilla, Honey & Ginger. Soaps Cinnamon & Milk, Vanilla, Honey & Ginger, Peppermint & Lemon

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