The Nightmare Experience

One afternoon in Thailand me and my sister went to buy some snack and something to drink. Across the street from the supermarket we used to go to there was a 7 eleven, so we thought that we should check it out to see if we could find something new to try. When we got there we saw an adorable dog laying inside the door. There were a lot of dogs everywhere and they were extremely calm and nice, so I wasn’t even surprised to see it there. 

We looked around for a bit and found some Thai snack to try and tweezers that looked really good. When we turned to go to the cash desk the dog has gotten up. That’s when we noticed he was missing his left front leg. A guy in the store had picked up a long stick and started to poke the dog, and while doing it he was laughing. It wasn’t like he was trying to get it out of the store, but more like pushing it in. Me and my sister looked at each other and felt like there was something wrong. Then he started to hit the poor dog. There were a lot of girls in the store and they were laughing at his action. I really wanted to tell him to stop, but being in a different country, where they don’t understand what you’re saying, being numbered down I got to chocked and to scared to do something. We didn’t know about the culture and what was seen wrong and right there, and to get ourselves in to something we didn’t know seemed to be a bad idea. We just put our things down and left, giving him some murdering looks. Which just made him laugh even more.
When we got out of the store my sister broke down and cried for hours. I tried to hold back to be the strong one and try to convince us both that it was the right thing to do to leave. Even though I know both of us regrets not doing something more. 
My mother told our relatives that we visited about what happened. He was very chocked as well and said that he had never been in a place where people cared so much about the animals. All of the street dogs gets food and water from everyone that can help them. It was quite comforting to know that this isn’t happening very often, but it made me regret even more that I didn’t say anything.
Believe it or not, there is a happy ending to this story. A few days later we went to our supermarket again (we never went back to 7 eleven). We saw the dog laying in an open-air cafe, having food and water by his side, looking just fine. It was such a pain relieve to see him there. In my mind he’s staying there and never sets a foot on 7 eleven again, living happily ever after!

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