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While I’ve been missing in action here for a while, I’ve still been uploading pictures on Twitter and Instagram now and then. Today I thought I would share some of those pictures here as well, along with a word or two about what I’ve been up to lately. Enjoy!



1. We moved into our new flat by the end of April, and ever since we’ve been working a lot to make it feel like home. Last week the final pieces came together. The photo is from our hallway, showing the chandeliers I got from my sister and brother from graduation, a Givenchy candle that was given to me from beauty-guru Dave Lackie and an Orchid, which are my favorite flowers to decorate with.

2. I’ve been working a lot with my new company. Eyelash extensions is what I do the most when I work.

3. When I packed up my things for the move I found these shoes I totally forgot about. Matching them with my coral maxi dress from Primark was a big hit.

4. The Glossybox of last month. Love the colourfull box the goodies came in this time. Read more about the box here.

5. One of the things I got in the box was this nail polish from Yves Rocher. It became a favorite right away. I’ve been wearing it now for three days and not a chip in sight!

6. I was asked by a hair saloon if I wanted to collaborate with them and do prom makeups for their costumers. Of course I jumped on the wagon. On this picture I’ve set up for a day’s work.

7. The collaboration went well and I was asked to help them for summer weddings as well. This photo shows some inspiration and a chart of the makeup me and the bride agreed on during our consultation.

8. I’m so happy with my businesses cards, that I finally got a few weeks back. It feels so grown up to hand them out! 

9. Last picture shows a surprise gift I got from Martin last night. It’s a YSL lipstick in colour 11.

What have you guys been up to lately? I would love to get a recap of what’s been going on while I’ve been gone.


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