Vitamin E Lip Care from The Body Shop

Since we’re having a night at the hotel tonight (sis is feeling sick) I decided to make a post about my lip savior, that’s great to have here as well!
In the winter my lips gets really dry and chapped. It didn’t matter how much I smeared with different lip care, nothing worked.  Last winter I ran into Body Shop (which I do a lot, since I work just right next to them). I’ve gotten to know one of the girls working there so I pointed at my lips and said “Please tell me you have a miracle treatment to save this?!” She smiled, turned around and picked up the Vitamin E Lip care. And a miracle it was! I used it during the day and before I went to bed. When I woke up I noticed a big difference already and it didn’t take long before my lips were nice and soft again. Since then I always have one in my bag.

The winter weather made me come across this product, but it comes to good use here in sunny Thailand as well. The lip balm has SPF 15, and keeps my lips protected from the very strong sun here. My skin is damaged, but at least my lips are in good condition.

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