Weekend in the woods

I was hoping I would have a bunch of pictures to show today, but it has been raining and been really cold so I never got outside like I hoped. Instead I spent the whole day just resting. I slept in, then I spent the whole day in the couch in front of the open fire, watching some TV shows I missed out on, since I worked a lot this week. It may sound like a waste of time, but it was very much needed. Working in a store that is open seven days a week makes having two days off in a row seem like pure luxury, and when I only have one day to spare I always have loads to do. I can’t remember when I last allowed myself to do nothing at all and just let body and mind reload. Even though it was raining and I didn’t get to go outside as I had hoped, the idea to spend the weekend in the cabin was the greatest idea. I had never let myself do this at home. I would have found plenty of things I just had to do.

A thing about this place is that it always makes me feel safe, comfortable and calm. I’ve spent every summer here since 1991. I was born in September 1989, so I can’t even remember a life without this place. My grandparents rented the house for a few years, and we spent the summers with them and my aunts family. After a few years Grandpa and Grandma decided to buy the place, and when they passed away my Dad (and Mum) inherited it. I’m so happy they have kept it, because I really feel at home here. My own magical place. So many memories, and even more to come.

I usually share  this room with my sister, but since she
couldn’t come someone else took possession of the bed.

Close up on the window. I rocked those shoes as a kid.

I was treated to a glass of rose wine last night. Lovely!
Nothing calms me like this fire place. 
This diary, written in 1955, belonged to my father’s
 grandfather. Pretty cool!

8 thoughts on “Weekend in the woods

  1. On Friday and Saturday night, we always watch movies and tv shows that we missed during the week. During the week, we never watch tv, so I’m always looking forward to those relaxing evenings at home.
    The cabine looks so pretty and calm. This place must hold so many beautiful memories for you. Is it near a forest? The view through the window looks wonderful.
    Have a nice week, Anna!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

    • That sounds so lovely! I would love to get myself of the TV more, but those old habits are hard to break 😉 It’s as close to the forest as it can get. We have our own tiny forest yard, and several close but to visit. It’s amazing! Hope I can get more pictures of the surroundings next time :) xx

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